Sunday, November 15, 2015

All In: Imaginext DC Super Friends Collecting. Sorry Transformers.

My goal in 2015 was to gather up a collection of Transformers toys I've wanted for some years now. Due a number of reasons that goal was only about 50% completed. Yeah there's still abut 6-7 weeks to go in the year, but I can kind of see now the goal is too far out of reach to meet, and maybe my time and money could be put into tracking down some other things. Things that actually get me a bit more excited to collect right now. Imaginext DC toys. If you follow my blog for Transformers/Diaclone/Microman bits you are probably more than  little sick of my going on about Imaginext, but it's just a far more fun and engaging toy line for me right now. And with all honestly, tracking proves that many others who come here are ore interested in it as well. Visitors are far more likely to check out posts about Imaginext than Transformers, Microman and Diaclone combined!

Deciding over the last few weeks that I would drop my quest for various Transformers and focus on Imaginext DC wasn't an easy decision.  I wasn't actually going to go "All In" on the DC Imaginext stuff at all. When I first got on board with the line it was because I thought it was a cute line I could pick up for my nephew. I then grabbed a few to put away in case my wife and I had kids. That little stash grew and grew and evolved into my own collection.

Because I started so late in the game, Imaginext had already seen almost 4 years of releases. I had to decide what my goal was in collecting these and I came to the idea that I would just collect one of each unique figure. Minor paint apps and variations could be skipped, I wouldn't need to get all the vehicles, bases and add-ons either. Just grab the stuff that would net me the figures I wanted, and at the best prices. As any collector of these toys knows, there's a lot of alternate figures and bits, and then some cool recolors packed into weird box sets and before you know it you have a lot of stuff in your possession. Over the past year I have really been thinking of expanding out or my original goal, and just try to pick up some of the things I've missed or passed on over the years. And in the last couple weeks I went ahead and made the decision to do just that. I'm going to attempt to get at east 1 of each DC Imaginext unique/original item. Not unique packaging, so gift sets and re-packages are still out, juts the actual items are in.
Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Mr Freeze Cave Toys R Us Batman アメコミ バットマン トランスフォーマーFisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Batmobile アメコミ バットマン トランスフォーマー
I kind of lucked out right from the start and was able to snag the Mr. Freeze Ice Cave and the original 2008 Batmobile at about original retail price. These have both fluctuated in costs over the last few years, so I feel I got great deals on both. The Freeze cave I've actually always wanted, and while it's just a simple recolor of a prior Imaginext toy, I feel it's fun and fitting to the DC line. The Batmobile sadly seems dull compared to the ones that have come out since this one. Fisher-Price has made great leaps in the design process of the DC Imaginext stuff since the original 2008 offerings and there's a few awesome Batmobiles out there now, and this older style one just can't compare. But I am still glad to have gotten it.
Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Joker Hauler Riddler Batman アメコミ バットマン トランスフォーマーFisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Joker Hauler Riddler Batman アメコミ バットマン トランスフォーマー
Another item I originally passed on was the Riddler Car. I didn't feel I needed it at the time it was in stores because I already had a Riddler figure. I had to resort to Amazon for one of these now, but got it at retail price, so no big deal. I like this toy, and had I not been trying to stick to a certain focus in collecting Imaginext I would have likely bought this one earlier. The same can't be said about the small Joker Hauler. I don't get this toy, it's doesn't work as it's presenter sadly. I missed out on this when it was first sold as a Toys R Us exclusive, it was before my time. When it popped backup as a Walmart exclusive pack in with a Batwing I didn't feel I needed it. I had already picked up an alternate color Batwing and that was the only toy in the pack I thought was cool. Now of course this set was replaced at Walmart for a Batmobile/Bane Sled gift pack so I had to resort to buying this Joker set online as well. Thankfully I got it at only about $8 over retail and free shipping. Having the small Joker Hauler in hand doesn't do much to change my opinion of it to tell you the truth.
Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends 2015 Batman アメコミ バットマン トランスフォーマーFisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends 2015 Batman アメコミ バットマン トランスフォーマー
Thinking it all over, it's not going to bean easy collection to piece together having let quite a few years of releases slip by.Just the sheer number of Batman figures releases alone if kind of amazing. Between single pack figures and vehicles/play set pack-ins there's well over 30 variations of Batman. And these are not just bland crappy re-dos over and over. One of the latest Batman figures, the Thunder Punch Batman (shown above far right), is one of my favorite Batman figures to date.
Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends 2008 Batman アメコミ バットマン トランスフォーマーFisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends 2008 Batman アメコミ バットマン トランスフォーマー
The Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends line which started in 2008 has now seen about 8 years worth of releases. That is just a bit more than even the original Transformers brand had when it started in the 80's. It's quite a feat to last that long in today's toy market. It also means that there's a tremendous amount of product out there to locate and collect.
I decided I need to get down to it and make a list of what I needed. Sure it's already out of date with Fisher-Price having shown some new toys just this past week, but this pictorial want list will help immensely. I've actually already picked up a few more of the items seen here, but there's so many more to go. Some are going to be pretty damn hard to find, some just pricey. But the hunt if part of the fun of it all, so we'll see where I'm at this time next year.

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