Thursday, November 19, 2015

Garage Sale Finds: Last Of The Good Old Days. (Sylvanian Families Microman Zoids)

A 10 year run of amazing garage sale finds started to come to a close in late 2004. By the end of 2005 the glory days had gone. I can sit back know and just marvel at what I had found in that time. These toys come from one of the last big scores. All these items were found the same week at 2 different garage sales.
Japanese Sylvanian Families シルバニアファミリー  Large House - Party Giftset edition
 Now if you know this blog, you'll know that I was pretty excited to have seen this sitting in a section of toys at the garage sale. This is a special Sylvanian Families Large House - Party Giftset edition. The regular house came boxed with not only a furniture set, but a party set as well. Packed in were some random Sylvanian figures as well. Overall the toys had very little wear to them, so that was awesome. As was the price. I had randomly found Sylvanian Families stuff at times, but this week I found stuff at both garage sales.
Japanese Sylvanian Families シルバニアファミリー Sentai Power Rangers KakuRanger Ultraman
At the second garage sale I found some small mini Sylvanian Families toys sets with figures. These are cute toys, but outside my normal collecting focus when it comes to Sylvanians. At about 25centsa  set it was an easy buy. I was super happy to see a lot of books at this sale, the Ultraman ones most of all. The BiFighter and KakuRanger books are cool, but were more of an impulse buy at the time. A few TV Magazines round out the print findings here. I did scoop up a few KakuRanger VHS videos too. Always fun to see the original Japanese Sentai Hero shows.
Japanese Robots Microman ミクロマン ゾイド タカラ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultraman
Last few items I found at garage sale #2 were the best. Zoids were not things I found often, but at this sale I was able to find a few boxed sets from Japan. Ultimately I ended up selling these off, but I had fun with them for awhile. The Domo character toy is fun, if you liek Domo of course. There's also an UltraFamily VHS tape I bought. A great clip show look at the members of the Ultraman Universe. The rarest item I found may be the Takara Mutant Turtles TMNT Turtle Saint figure. A Japanese exclusive and quite cool looking. Sadly the Turtle Saint was lacking most of it's parts. Lat but not least were a few Microman MagnePowers era toys. Always great toys, and since I had sold mine off a year or so earlier it was nice to get a few back on the cheap.

GSF garage sale Japanese Robots Microman Sylvanian Families Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Zoids ミクロマン ゾイド タカラ シルバニアファミリー

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