Saturday, November 14, 2015

Getting Back Into Art. And Toy Photography.

The expression "it's just like riding a bike" can be applied to a great number of things in terms of getting back into/onto them. For me, art is not one of them. I have been trying to regain, recover, just find my artistic side and I'm having a hard time. Part of the issue is I haven't had any actual schooling in 20+ years, another problem is that I haven't really set time aside from hands on art for about 10 years. I'm no going to kid myself and pretend the amount of time i spend online doesn't have some part in it all too. In order to get back to where I was at a point with art I have to invest a lot more time than I have been the last 5 years.
GanguStars Projects Transformers art artwork
About a month back I picked up some bristol board pads but I felt I needed something a bit more basic to start with. Luckily with a crazy good sale at a Kroger I got some pens and Sharpies, and another clearance sale at Michaels bagged me some cheap but effective sketchbooks.
GanguStars Projects Transformers art artworkGanguStars Projects Transformers art artwork
The smaller books are actually photo albums that you would glue in little instant film photos. I'm using them as sketchbooks, because I have to say, the paper quality is amazing for the $1 I paid for a 50 page hardcover book. The cover design on the smaller travel sketchbooks were pretty awful, and I had picked up the best one they had. With some sticker back packing slips I was able to print some new covers for the little books. So I've already started here, mostly doing original character idea sketches. I figure any real work will start in the larger books. And that is still not started, planned or even been thought about yet. This is my procrastination at work again.
Also on sale at Michaels were these little LED  Paper Lantern Lights for use at parties and weddings. I had been looking for cheap, handy, portable lighting I could take anywhere and not care much about in case of damages. These are it. And they were even less than marked price coming up at just a $1.
GanguStars Projects Transformers art artworkGanguStars Projects Transformers art artwork photography
The lights are about 3 inches in length, so easily able to fit in a coat pocket. I want this primarily to add counter balance light to pics I take outdoors. The only downside I see so far is that the LED has a very cool blue light, and of course if I'm outside I'd be fighting with a warm yellow light from the Sun. I can maybe offset the issue with a simple white shade, so that may be something I look into later.
Beast Wars Rhinox Diver Kabaya candy toy Transformers art artworkBeast Wars Rhinox Diver Kabaya candy toy Transformers art artwork
Playing around a bit with the lights indoors I was surprising at the amount of light just one of these things gives off. As a single source of light it was enough to allow some decent flash-less photos. It would have helped if I had adjusted my camera settings to allow for a more focused image, but these were only tests.
Beast Wars Second Diver Kabaya candy toy Transformers art artworkBeast Wars Second Diver Kabaya candy toy Transformers art artwork
 [Left-Only sunlight/Right-Sun+LED light]

And since these were to be outdoor lights, I figured a little test in the sunlight was needed. Sure enough, the values of the light contrast a bit, BUT the LED light does what it's supposed to and lights up the figure where the Sun's shadows it. So yeah that may need some minor finagling to get just right, but seeing as winter is coming I doubt I'll be outside too much for photos for a few months.

Beast Wars GanguStars Projects Transformers art artwork

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