Sunday, November 8, 2015

Imaginext DC Super Friends Exclusives Catch-Up

Target Imaginext Justice League Toys R Us Gotham City Kmart exclusive 2015 toy Batman Freeze DC Super Friends
Store exclusives can be a bit of a pain in the ass to deal with. Some stores don't have locations in your area, or even in your Country! Then there's some that offer some mega-value set for $100 but contain 1 single new and unique figure that you want. Most are limited, and when they're gone you pretty much screwed. I missed out on picking up a store exclusive recently when Kmart switched out an Imaginext value set they were carrying for an updated version. Now I'll have to buy the set I missed on auction at an inflated price. This got me thinking, maybe I need to track down some of the remaining Imaginext store exclusive items I've been dragging my feet on.
Toys R Us Gotham City exclusive Imaginext Batman Moon Rover 2014 toy DC Super Friends
The Toys R Us Gotham City exclusive series Batman & Moon Rover has eluded me from about the time of it's release. I've seen it from time to time online, but never pulled the trigger due to the added shipping costs. I finally lucked out on finding one in the same week I decided to catch up on various exclusives. The Moon Rover was originally an Imaginext  Space Series item that has since been re-purposed as a Riddler Rover, Joker Rover and Green Lantern Rover for the DC line. The Rover really gets around.
Toys R Us Gotham City exclusive Imaginext Mr. Freeze Robo 2015 toy Batman DC Super FriendsToys R Us Gotham City exclusive Imaginext Mr. Freeze Robo 2015 toy Batman DC Super Friends
Also from the TRU Gotham City line, but found at a different store is the newly released Mr. Freeze & Robot set. This is a basic vehicle size toy that is a repaint of the Diving Suit toy from the City Series stuff.  This is a great little set, with an exclusive color Mr. Freeze figure that matches some of the design/color elements of the robot. Toys R Us loves Mr. Freeze, this is yet another Freeze associate toy for their stores, making it I think 2 bases, a robot and his inclusion in the Gotham City Center play set.

On the back of the package for the Freeze Robot was a pic f an upcoming Gotham City toy, Batman & Cycle. This set looks to be an individual release of the motorcycle included in Batcave #3 and a Batman figure slightly re-decorated from the City Center set. This could replace the Moon over Batman so I'm glad to have gotten that one when I did. I hope this also means a refresh of the Gotham City single figures that Toys R Us carries as well. Some new exclusive figures will be nice to see.
Toys R Us Kmart exclusive Imaginext Batmobile Joker Robin gift set value 2015 toy Batman DC Super Friends
This is the Kmart exclusive set that replaced the one I missed out on buying. The main vehicle here is one of the more recent Batmobile toys, sadly in the same coloring as the still selling individual release. The Joker and Robin figures are both exclusive to this set (AFAIK), the Joker having orange racing stripes on his sides, and the Robin is a old sculpt figure done up in the red/black colors of the recent new sculpt Robin that came with the armor suit. The 2 smaller vehicles, a Joker Cycle and Robin 4WD were mystery vehicles that were issued in this set for the first time. The actual origins of the vehicles were not widely known until recently when a forum member at Action Figure Insider found a listing on a Spanish language Fisher-Price page.
Target Imaginext Justice League Green Lantern Jet exclusive 2015 toy GL DC Super FriendsTarget Imaginext Justice League Green Lantern Jet exclusive 2015 toy GL DC Super Friends
The last item here I bought in the same "catch-up" week was on of the new Target Imaginext Justice League releases. A new and unique Green Lantern Jet and figure. The previous Green Lantern Jet shared the same body as the Robin Jet and Mr. Freeze Jet, so GL got a new original upgrade here. The Green Lantern figure doesn't have a real name mentioned on the package. I can assume it's a Hal Jordan figure, although I'd love to see them add some other GL's to go with the 3 they've already done.

The next week I'd start on finding some things that came out before I even actually started collecting the Imaginext DC toys, but I'll tackle that in another post.

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