Friday, November 27, 2015

Last Minute Black Friday Mini-Rundown (Imaginext Star Wars)

Is "Black Friday" even what it used to be? I have to admit I was never one to really get too wrapped up in the hype (and the mayhem) of it all. This year I actually dipped my toe into the whole mess of it a little bit. With online sales starting as early as the day before Thanksgiving, it made it much easier to pick up a few cheap items. I'm still not going out to shop during the day Friday, but did go out for a quick and painless trip to Meijer at 5am. And of course this blog is going to be centered around the things I buy.

Kohl's has a Wednesday-Saturday sale going and then extra Friday only deals as well. Kohl's also opened up online sales starting on Wednesday. There's also a 15% coupon, and some folks may have gotten a $5 gift card in the mailer for use on Thursday or Friday. So a good chance at a bargain.

DC Super Friends Gift Set
Imaginext Batboat DC comics exclusive Kohl's Black Friday sale cheap Batman Fisher-Price アメコミ イマジネックスト
This set has the new 2015 Batman Batboat, the 2nd version K.Croc and ski-boat, and the old Joker figure with the same exclusive vehicle from the latest Kmart exclusive pack. It's a real random gift set, but at just $21.99 on sale and with the extra 15%, it's a great deal.

DC Super Friends Batcave (original & variant)
Imaginext Batcave original variant exclusive Kohl's Black Friday sale cheap Batman Fisher-Price アメコミ イマジネックスト
Kohl's has been carrying the original Batcave play set for a while now as an "exclusive" to their stores. Until recently the only reason it was exclusive was because it wasn't being sold anywhere else any longer. For Black Friday Kolh's cut the price in half. The toy has been marked own from their ludicrous price of $79.99 to a more normal price of $39.99. If you have the 15% off coupon you can get the toy for just $34.00.  If you still need the original Batcave I suggest stopping by a local Kohl's to see if they still have some. I don't know if you'll get it by ordering online because there's been a change made to the set, and the exclusivity of it has become a bit stronger.
Imaginext Batcave original variant exclusive Kohl's Black Friday sale cheap Batman Fisher-Price アメコミ イマジネックスト
Kohl's has been getting in a new exclusive color version of the old Batcave and not re-stocking the old color. While it's still the old color Batcave that they show online, I don't know which will ship to you. Shopping in-store will likely be your best bet if you need to be sure which version you are buying.

Surprisingly, Meijer has had a few great deals on toys this Black Friday/Thanksgiving. For Thursday they had a 50% off sale on all the Playskool Star Wars Galactic Heroes toys, and on Friday they cut the Imaginext Transforming Batcave and Imaginext Power Rangers Morhin Megazord in half.
Imaginext Transforming Batcave Power Rangers Morhin Megazord Black Friday sale cheap Batman Fisher-Price アメコミ イマジネックスト
To say that stock on hand was limited would be an understatement. I was in my local Meijer on Thursday night and they had only 3 of each play set. I assumed they would bring more out for the next morning's sale (which started at 6am). When I went back this morning there was no additional stock/space set up for these, and of the pieces on the shelf, only 1 Megazord remained. Which is really all I wanted, so a win for me. But anybody coming in at 6am or later may be screwed.

Toys R Us
I'm not going to step foot into a Toys R Us until maybe the 2nd week of January 2016. It's just such a madhouse this time of year. But thankfully they started some sales online earlier than in stores and I was able to pick up 1 item I've been wanting for awhile. They also have some in-store only things that need mention.

Imaginext Batbot
Imaginext Batbot action figures Black Friday sale cheap batman dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext アメコミ イマジネックスト
This was an in-sore only Thanksgiving doorbuster deal. TRU had the Batbot at 50% off, a really great deal. I managed to get this earlier in the year when it was buy one get one free, so I didn't need to go get one of these. From what it sounds like, TRU did at least have a good supply on hand at stores.

Imaginext Battle Rover
Imaginext Battle Rover action figures Black Friday sale cheap Fisher-Price imaginext アメコミ イマジネックスト
These are still floating around. They've been clearanced out of Target, Walmart and even most Kmart stores, but Toys R Us has been hanging on. Seeing as how the discount store Ollie's has these for $20 more, this TRU price isn't bad, and is available online as well as in stores. TRU only requires a $19 online to get free shipping, so the Battle Rover should ship at no extra cost.

Star Wars: A New Hope 18" Figure 4-Pack
Star Wars A New Hope 18" Figure 4-Pack スターウォーズ action figures Black Friday sale cheap
I've liked this over-sized figures that JAKKS Pacific puts out since they first appeared on shelves. They are highly detailed, and seem fairly durable for even younger kids. And the price is pretty damn fantastic for a single figure. That said, gift sets with multiple figures can be a pain in the ass. Picking up a $15-$20 figure you want isn't too bad. Dropping $80 for a set which has figures you don't want is a bit harder. When Toys R Us had their exclusive A New Hope set on sale at $59.99 this week I was happy to see it. At just $15 a figure this set seemed a better sell, since I absolutely have no use for the Tusken Raider. And only mildly interested in Luke. So when I took a peek at the TRU Black Friday ad and the set was going to be lowered even more I was hooked. With each figure at just $7.50 this was a steal. And TRU was opening the sale up online earlier than in stores. Super easy purchase to make. I'll just give away the Luke and Tusken figure to my nephew in all likelihood

So like I said, just a mni-rundown, but good deals if you can get out there for them.

action figures batman dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext Star Wars アメコミ イマジネックスト スターウォーズ

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