Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Stance On The Return Of "5POA", I Don't Exactly Hate It.

I should start off explaining what "5poa" is in case you are not familiar with the term. It's basically an action figure identifier for a toy that has 5 Points Of Articulation. Typically this means the figure has a rotating head, arms and legs. So your basic vintage 70's/80's Star Wars  figure.

Now I'm a child of the old 5POA Star Wars toy line, and I'm an adult collector of super-mega-poseable figures as well. I love my poseable toys because I have great fun setting them up and photographing them. There's a great deal of other adult collectors who have either didn't grow up with 5POA figures, or have simply grown accustomed to figures that have lots of articulation. Either of those is absolutely fine. And with both I can totally see where they are coming from when they say they'd rather not buy or collect 5POA toys created and sold today. I get it, it's a huge step back in the evolution of toy making. But the toy scene is not what it was in the 80's, or hell, even the late 90's. And while some companies are issuing 5POA as a throwback style, other companies like Hasbro are doing it to save their asses. Whether it be due to changing interests among kids, or failed marketing and product lines, toys don't sell like they used to. Hasbro for one has been moving quite a few properties over to simpler designs which will make for lower production costs, and in turn lower retail price tags. Or at least that may have been the hope.

All the arguing over how and why is pointless at this time though since the 5POA figure looks to be here to stay for a little while at least. And personally, I don't mind it. In some cases I'm pretty damn happy to see it.
Boba Fett Biker Scout Luke SW Saga Missions 1984 1985 action figures Star Wars toys Kenner Hasbro スターウォーズ おもちゃBoba Fett Biker Scout Luke SW Saga Missions 1984 1985 action figures Star Wars toys Kenner Hasbro スターウォーズ おもちゃ
Ever since I first saw the Biker Scout (Trooper) in a book that arrived via Scholastic back in 1983 prior to the Return of the Jedi being released I have loved the design. I have owned quite a few Scout Troopers over the years, loose and carded and selling most of the at some point. When the 5POA commemorative sets were announced I was excited to pick up this retro styled Biker Scout. The problem I had, like with so many others toys, I never found the set in a store while they were new. Every time I'd check a store this set was gone, and after a few re-stocks the prequel sets continued to build up choking off further restocks. Then one day I found the set at a Target, damaged box, but at a 25% discount ($15), and I freaking passed! I had just spent my hobby allowance on Transformers, which was not normally done, and I really didn't want to dip into other funds. I figured maybe I'd go back in a week and see if it was still available. It wasn't of course.

So with that bit of stupidity in the past I have to think about my options, and the best one seems to be just picking up the normal retail release of the Scout Trooper which is in a Mission Series pack with Wicket. But I've only seen it at Kohls for $14! So in the end I'm going to pay about the same price as the Commemorative set, but won't be getting a Boba Fett of Luke Skywalker. This is why setting limits on spending sucks.
Darth Vader Empire 1984 1985 action figures Star Wars toys Kenner Hasbro スターウォーズ おもちゃDarth Vader Black 5poa 1984 1985 action figures Star Wars toys Kenner Hasbro スターウォーズ おもちゃ
On a happier note, I did get the 5POA Vader I had wanted. Granted I had thought I was going to buy the first release that came with the Droid, but that one came and went before I was able to grab it. Truth is that was probably for the best since this pack with a ESB Luke Skywalker is a much better set. I got this on "Force Friday" and at a great price since it was on sale at Kroger for $4.99. I really love the fact that these are like the vintage toys, only with tremendously better sculpts. Now if Hasbro wanted to milk this with old collectors like myself they'd start sticking these and vintage looking cards and maybe do a few retro style figures never made in the 5POA format like Grand Moff Tarkin.

1984 1985 action figures hasbro Kenner 5 POA Star Wars toys おもちゃ スターウォーズ Empire Darth Vader

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