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Sightings And Sales: October (Marvel Legends Imaginext Playmobil)

Since most of these sightings took place in the last few weeks of October, I guess this is all pretty useless knowledge yo any of you right now. But the pics are edited, I have a rattling of words in my head, so I figure what the hell, I best just let them out.

Playmobil NHL Series
Playmobil NHL Series Toys R Us Red Wings hockey Toranto Maple Leafs DetroitPlaymobil NHL Series Toys R Us Red Wings hockey Toranto Maple Leafs Detroit
I only got a glimpse of these out of the corner of my eye while moving through the building blocks area of a Toys R Us store. I don't collect Playmobil, I don't follow the release schedule of the brand, it's pretty much completely off my radar. But these NHL themed toys are so adorable. Playmobile like LEGO is an incredibly durable and lasting toy line, but it's also on the pricey side. I keep saying on this very blog that I need to focus and expanding outward into other areas of collecting need's to be controlled, but I think I'm going to have to at least pick up a few of these cute little buggers. At least maybe 1 of each of the "Original Six" teams.

Imaginext Overstock Sales
Imaginext Overstock Sales clearance Battle Rover Alpha Walker Dinorsaurs Fisher-PriceImaginext Overstock Sales clearance Battle Rover Alpha Walker Dinorsaurs Fisher-Price
While out poking around an Ollie's store I found a few Imaginext displays up for their holiday merchandising. Nothing super exciting really, and the prices are only sorta decent. Well, given what others have reported and I have bought similar items at. A giant double stack of the Imaginext Space Series Battle Rover were priced at about $70 a piece. Lower than the original MSRP, but nowhere near the $40-$50 folks were finding these at Kmart, Meijer and some other places for.

Another endcap display had the Space Series Alpha Walker at $19.99, and a few of the now cancelled Dinosaur Series. I believe they were also $19.99 each, although there's no price checker and I didn't really need to see the price of the larger Dino set. Again, not bad deals, just that other places have had these are much better prices in the last 4-5 months.

Marvel Infinite & Legends Series
Hasbro Marvel Legends Infitinite Universe series action figures 2015 Summer Fall Sales cheap 50% offHasbro Marvel Legends Infitinite Universe series action figures 2015 Summer Fall Sales cheap 50% off
Kroger grocery stores have been doing some amazing sales on toys for awhile now. But what toys your local Kroger carries varies greatly from city to city. My closest Kroger has undergone a complete remodel and when they were finished the toy section quadrupled in size. They now carry Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Transformers, LEGO and an assortment of other dolls, games and stuff. The problem however is that re-stocks tend to be slow, and peg warming can become an issue. So much an issue that even when Kroger does a sale like 50% off Hasbro's Marvel Infinite and Legends toy lines I can't find anything to buy that I haven't already gotten. It seriously takes a little out of me, because I HATE missing out on a deal right before me, but when there's nothing there, there's nothing there.

State of Imaginext
Imaginext DC Super Friends Power Rangers 2015 Christmas Sales
What happened to the space Imaginext was allotted in stores this Fall? Target, Meijer, Walmart, Kmart all cut the space in toy aisles that Imaginext had with the Summer to Fall transitions. This pic above is my local Walmart. I admit I don't shop here very much, I guess I'd count towards a possible reason why they wouldn't stock much.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Power Rangers 2015 Christmas SalesImaginext DC Super Friends Power Rangers 2015 Christmas Sales
I took the pic and highlighted the area where the Imaginext toys are, and that's all there is. And the pegs aren't even full. Compare that to the pic on the right and the space highlighted in red which represents the amount of space Imaginext used to hold. It was cut in half.

The period from Spring to Summer saw the Imaginext sections at store pretty bare and irregularly re-stocked. Was this in part due to the strike that delayed shipments to stores? Is this because those times are lighter for sales then the Holiday Season? Did Mattel/Fisher-Price just under produce or under-solicit items? If I were the merchandiser at Target, and I have a 10 foot area laid out for Imaginext and only 3-4 feet are stocked at any given time I'd allocate that unused space to something else in a second.

One other reason, and I hate to think this could be it, but maybe the lines FP were presenting where slowing down in sales. If you look at what remained in these new re-sets, you have the DC Super Friends line, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers and a new take on a dinosaur based series. Out are the Space Series, the Pirates theme (except at Meijer), and the old Dino Riders like Dinosaur Series. Space, dinos and Pirates are long running theme for Imaginext that maybe just tired out. I can't imagine it, but maybe.

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