Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Look At My Super-Turkey-Black-Cyber-Week Buys. (Star Wars Imaginext DC Power Rangers)

While some collectors are now showing off what they got for Christmas, I'm only just getting around to posting about what I picked up for Black Friday week.

To say stores got way out of hand this year with their sales and promotions at the end of November would be an understatement. They went totally bonkers. A car dealer in my area started Black Friday sales in September for crying out loud. Many stores offered up in-store Thanksgiving Day deals up to 3 days early online. A few places let you purchase Black Friday items via their websites on Thursday. At least 2 stores I frequent had different things on sale each day from Wednesday to Saturday. For a bargain shopper like myself, it's was a crazy wonderful and yet super easy shopping experience this year. I paid about half of normal retail costs in nearly all cases. I seriously made out like a bandit.
スターウォーズ Star Wars oversized figures JAKKS ダース・ベイダー
Toys R Us Normal Retail $79.99 My Price: $29.00 (shipped free)

I really like the Star Wars oversized figures that JAKKS puts out. The sculpting and detailing is great, and the price can't be beat by anyone else doing large scale figures. This set is a Toys R Us exclusive and sold for $79.99 from the time it came out. And while some collectors may bitch about the price, it's the scale, accessories included and just overall look of the toys that have people foaming at the mouth and pissing themselves in anger. Why though? Thanks to a Thanksgiving sale dropping this down to $59.99 and an added 50% off for Black Friday I got the 4 pack for $29.99 shipped free. I have never seen the main figure here I wanted, the Vader, sold singly so I jumped on this deal. I have wanted the Stormtrooper as well and passed on a Rebels 2pack last summer. The Luke and Tusken Raider were exclusives to this set for a short time, both now being sold again in Force Awakens packages.
スターウォーズ Star Wars Playskool Galactic Heroes ダース・ベイダー Jedi Force
Toys R Us/Meijer Normal Retail $95.00 My Price: $55.00 (shipped free)

Staying with Star Wars we have the new Playskool Galactic Heroes toys. Or not so new really. Galactic Heroes are the re-branding of the Star Wars Jedi Force, which in turn were made up of vehicles and playsets from the original Galactic Heroes line but with articulated figures instead of small 0poa pvc figures. This new line has been tugging at my wallet for some time. I guess all I needed was a great sale to finally push me over the edge and get into it. The AT-AT was just over 25% off, and the smaller sets are 50% off. So not bad. As you may notice I am only buying the Imperial Forces, and will need to look for the now discontinued Jedi Forces AT-ST at inflated pricing, or wait for a re-issue. And it's Hasbro, a re-issue/re-use is super likely.
Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Heroes Batcave action figures batman dc comics バットマン
Kohls Normal Retail $159.98 My Price: $63.00 (shipped free)

I had never bought the original Imaginext DC Super Heroes Batcave toy because Kohls has continued to sell them since about when it came out 7 years ago. When a new darker grey color variations began to pop up in stores I figured I better act quick. Thankfully Kohls wanted to help me out and put together a couple sales for their Batcave sets and I was able to get both the old and new colors for about $31.00 each. I think this first Batcave is still the best one they've made of the now 4 & 1/2 versions.
Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Heroes Batmobile Boat action figures batman dc comics バットマン
Kohls Normal Retail $97.00 My Price: $31.00 (shipped free)

This is how you Kohls. I got all 3 of these items for less than just the boxset was normally priced. These were impulse buys to get the toys in alternate packaging. Well, and I needed the Kilowog Green Lantern because he has a slight variation in his uniform design.
Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Heroes Batcave Power Rangers 戦隊シリーズ sentai ジュウレンジャー action figures batman dc comics バットマン
Target/Meijer Normal Retail $118.00 My Price: $60.00 (shipped free)

Not only was I able to pick up the original Imaginext Batcaves, but I also got the most recent Transforming Batcave as well. This was bought at Target on sale with a extra bit off with a coupon. It's a bit fiddly, but comes with a very cool Joker figure. My last big oversized purchase of the week was the Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord. This set stands as the base, and combined Zord mode of the non-transforming vehicles sold in the Imaginext line. It's a huge toy filled with little exciting bits.
Imaginext Power Rangers 戦隊シリーズ sentai ジュウレンジャー
Kohls/Meijer Normal Retail $100.00 My Price: $51.10 (shipped free)

I also picked up all the normal sized Zords and lucked out with finding the new White Ranger Tiger Zord as well. I also grabbed the last couple of figure packs I needed. With another purchase I just made this week, I'm in need of one 1 more toy to finish out the Imaginext Power Rangers line.
Imaginext Power Rangers White Ranger Tigerzord 戦隊シリーズ sentai ダイレンジャーImaginext Power Rangers White Ranger Tigerzord 戦隊シリーズ sentai ダイレンジャー
If I had to pick out one item from my sale hunting as a favorite, it's the Imaginext White Ranger and Tigerzord. I actually went and picked up a second one the following week I was so impressed with it.

action figures, batman dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext Star Wars sentai power rangers バットマン 戦隊シリーズ スター

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