Sunday, December 20, 2015

December Hauls Are Typically Less Impressive. (Imaginext Diaclone G.I.Joe)

At this point in December I really have my mind set on spending money on others, so what I take in for myself is a bit on the light side. A couple deals sprung up last week that I figured I'd jump on, 2 in store, the other online. My last pick-up from the week was actually bought back in early November, but just arrived on a slow boat from the U.K., so I'm counting that one here too.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Hall of Justice comics アメコミ ダイアクロン バットマン Diaclone Robotbase batman g.i.joe
For weeks now the only place to buy the new Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Hall of Justice was through Amazon online. Then Meijer stores started stocking them just over a week ago. They've also been having various coupon offerings and percentage off sales. I got the Hall of Justice on a day they were offering 20% off a single toy. It brought the cost down to $24, so not bad. It's a fun little toy, and while I don't particularly like the Superman figure, I do like the Batman figure it comes with.

The other Imaginext item in the picture is a Walmart exclusive back from the early days of the DC Super Friends brand. It's a re-color of a previously sold ATV toy and a re-issue of the Batman from the Batcycle single figures assortment. In terms of excitement, this toy rates pretty low. But being such a early toy, and a store exclusive, they can skew a bit high in asking cost. Not that I'm saying it's justified, it's just a sad fact of the greed filled hobby we're part of. his one popped up on auction at a reasonable price with free shipping so I jumped on it right away. I know I'm being a little negative about it, but I do like it and am glad to have gotten it.
Diaclone Robotbase Takara SF Land SCF ダイアクロンUltimate Cobra Commander 50th g.i.joe G.I.ジョー hasbro Takara
Next up was a bit of a surprise buy. First let me  say that I am almost always late to the party when it comes to people selling bits on Facebook. I am constantly missing little things I would like to buy. When someone offered up an assortment of items from the Takara SF Land SCF line I got a little excited. There was a complete "build a figure" Diaclone Robotbase and at an amazing price. Now I had one of this back when they first came out, and ended up selling it for pretty cheap, along with my normal Robotbase. I know I probably won't ever have a real Robotbase back in my collection soon so I was amped to maybe have this little guy back. Even with the international shipping cost added in it was a bargain, selling for about 1/3 the price I've seen in Japan. If you follow GanguStars you may recall seeing my old toy here.

Last up from last week, a G.I.Joe 2 pack from Hasbro's odd G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary offerings. I'll leave the "odd" comment as it is because I just don't want to go into a long rant about it. This here is a re-color of the "Ultimate" Cobra Commander, and it's just as awesome a figure as that one, except that they didn't chrome the head. It's more of a shiny silver paint, and this may actually be for the best. The chrome plating was causing quite a bit of breakage in the original figure so even though the look was great, it isn't worth possible damage to the figure. Normally I'd be a little bummed to see that this is of course just the same lazy re-use of a Cobra Commander that Hasbro seems to always do, the black uniform version. This time however they at least spruced him up with some, IMHO, nice red accents. Sure there's all kinds of forum posts I could link to blasting this look, but I like it. The Shipwreck figure that also comes in his 2 pack is a total throw away for me. Not really going to throw it in the trash, but it's definitely not staying in my collection. At this point I'm really just collecting Cobra Commander toys, which makes me sad that I won't have the Old Snake figure in my collection. Because like I said before, greed is rampant in our hobby.

Diaclone g.i.joe G.I.ジョー dc comics imaginext アメコミ ダイアクロン バットマン batman hasbro Takara

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