Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Big Thank You To The Mattel & Toys R Us Customer Service Teams!

I had little issues pop up and get taken care of this past week. One involved placing an online order with Toys R Us for an Imaginext Power Rangers toy and unfortunately getting the wrong one sent tome. The other issue was with another Imaginext toy which had the wrong parts included that was purchased at Christmas.

When my Toys R Us order arrived I have to admit I was a bit let down to see the wrong toy enclosed in the box. I read the order slip and found the refund policy state it could be returned to a store. Problem was, the reason I had ordered online in the first place was because 2 Toys R Us stores near me didn't have the toy I wanted. Neither did 4 Target stores, 2 Meijers, 3 Walmarts. Even the Fisher-Price online store said the toy was back ordered until mid-February. I went back on the TRU site and found the customer help section and went ahead and got the online help going. The agent who helped me, Jasna Z., was super helpful and not only was able to get a new order setup to get the right item sent to me, but also initiated a pre-paid return label for to use in returning the wrong item. I was even allowed to wait till my replacement came in to verify before sending out the old item. Thanks Toys R Us CS!

My other issue was maybe more on the factory side, where parts that were supposed to be included were replaced with ones that were not. I put in a question to Mattel's online customer service center and just asked about the issue, how it may have come to be, and if I should return the toy o the store? In just 2 days I got a response from Kim S. at Mattel Consumer Services saying that there's no need to return, they have already went ahead and put in an order to have the correct parts shipped out to me at no charge. Fantastic! The parts just arrived in my mailbox today and it completes the toy.

Pretty awesome teams on board at Toys R Us and Mattel/Fisher-Price. Thank You!

Fisher-Price imaginext power rangers イマジネックスト zyuranger sentai 戦隊シリーズ Toys R Us

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