Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me! A Gift? I Shouldn't Have! But I Did. (Blockman Transformers Marvel)

So last week I celebrated a birthday, and while I didn't plan to get a package in the day before, things just worked out that way. I've been watching this particular toy for 4 or 5 years. The seller originally had it listed at a really high price of $1000, nowhere near it's normal selling price. As the years passed the price slowly came down. It sat at $300 for over a year. I finally just threw in an offer at $250 and the seller came back with $270. I figured, what the fuck, and just took it. I had a bit of cash leftover from Christmas so why not treat myself. So with the purchase, I complete my Takara Blockman giftset collection.
合体戦士ブロックマン トランスフォーマー タカラ Takara Blockman giftset Robotech Robolinks 1984 robots
With a price of $270 it makes this the most expensive toy I've ever purchased. I'm am usually so much more of a deal finder and frugal buyer, but a few things made me jump on this at the price. First, the last few of these to sell may have been at more than $100 saving, but they've all been in far worse condition. The set I have now is mint and unused, with ALL contents including the often missing poster. I'd rather pay more for a mint set. And when I got right down to it, adding up the cost of the previous items, the service fees, and shipping I would have been looking at about $250 anyhow. And starring at this thing for some long was just getting to me. I needed the ease of mind of just owning it before someone else gave in and took it off the market.

As I said, I didn't intend to receive this for my birthday. I ordered this on December 29th, and the seller got it out on December 30th. But here's a tip, don't buy anything from Asia during New Years. I've just found that the new Year overseas means more than it does here in the States. I had two items ordered just before January 1st, this Blockman toy, and a book from Amazon Japan. Even though the seller got the toy to the post office on the 30th, it wouldn't leave there for 7 days. That's a long time before it even leaves the local post. Tack on a few more days in country, then overseas shipping, customs and then domestic shipping and it was just over 2 weeks for an expedited package. The book from Amazon was delayed even longer. That package was supposed to be expressed and it took only a couple days less than the Blockman toy. So in the future I'll try to stay clear of ordering near New Years.
Target exclusive Marvel Legends Avengers Vision Hulk Ultron HasbroTarget exclusive Marvel Legends Avengers Vision Hulk Ultron Hasbro
As for actual birthday gifts, I did get a few toys from my wife. She had the Target exclusive Marvel Legends Avengers set from this past holiday season. I passed before Christmas because I only want the Vision and Ultron from the set, which I have to say is mostly made up of the seriously bulky Hulk figure. She said she got the set for just $15, so a far better deal than the original $50. As I expected, I don't like the Hulk figure much at all. The Ultron and Vision are superb though, great additions to my meager Marvel Legends collection.

While out for lunch on my birthday we stopped at a Target that had just changed their clearance toys to 70% off and my wife paid for/gifted me another item, a Transformers Robots In Disguise Collection set. This set was a steal at $15. Sure it's comprised of almost all 1-Step Transformers, but it's perfect for me. Let's be honest, RID is a silly, silly stupid show. But it's also one of the only Transformers shows in the last 15 years I can tolerate. And if my nephew comes over he can play with this as he's yet to graduate on to more advanced Transformers.
Takara Transformers Robots In Disguise トランスフォーマー RID Steeljaw Sideswipe Target 2015 GrimlockTakara Transformers Robots In Disguise トランスフォーマー RID Steeljaw Sideswipe Target 2015
There's something within RID that captured my attention more than previous shows. While the names of certain character names are familiar, I like the new versions of Steeljaw and Strongarm, and new characters Thunderhoof and Fixit. And again, $15 for 6 toys! I'll just end there.

1984 Blockman hasbro Marvel Legends Robolinks robotech Takara Transformers トランスフォーマー アメコミ タカラ

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