Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year With More Transformers, More Imaginext, More....???

Happy New Year!

I really didn't plan on doing a 2015 year in review type post. Because if I have to be honest, things for GanguStars seriously fell apart towards the end of the year. I have yet to fully elaborate on that, and I'm sure I haven't done it because I don't want to face it. But I'm not going to stop posting here just yet. I still have projects I would like to get finished, and some others to even get started.
1984 80's macross factory robotech Transformers soundwave blaster cassettes トランスフォーマー マクロス
I have a few final posts that were started in 2015 that I would like to finish. I also just received one last package of goodies in from Japan 2 days before Christmas. I'm still going through these, but the pic above can tease a bit as to what I got. I made one final big purchase on Dec. 30th, and that marked my last toy buy of 2015. It's something I've wanted for some time, and when it comes I will post about it here.
Even though I am still trying to follow toy lines like Transformers, G.I.Joe, and Star Wars, I'm really just more focused on Imaginext. And I've been moving right along on picking up the things I need. I've really kind of neglected posting about even some of the cooler Imaginext toys I've bought, but that may be due more to time restraints than lack of interest on my part.
Fisher-Price imaginext Pirate Shark Boat Ghost Pirates glow clearFisher-Price imaginext Pirate Shark Boat Ghost Pirates glow clear
This Pirate Shark Boat being one of the most amazing Imaginext toy to date really needed some blog love given to it. Part of the Pirates series sub-theme of Ghost Pirates, this isn't the easiest toy to buy. To date I think it's only been found online, and once even sold out at Fisher-Price with customer service saying it was discontinued (although that changed a few weeks later). It has a great light up features that emits an eerie glow from the Sharks mouth, eyes and belly. It also has shooting rockets, and a very menacing Ghost Pirate figure. It's an item that if it were sold in stores I would have likely bought two of them. Maybe I'll pick another up online. Maybe.
Star Wars The Force Awaken スターウォーズ Star Wars toys vintage
On another late 2015 news, I did get to see Star Wars The Force Awakens. Maybe not exactly when it hit theaters, but not to long after. A little ashamed to have gone on Christmas Day, but my wife and I kind of snuck it in between family gatherings. And as for the movie, I absolutely loved it. I did not feel this same way for any of the prequels when I left the theater. I have that itch now to start buying up some of the toys, and I know I need to put a strict limit on that. I just can't get swept up in Star Wars toy buying again, it's just too overbearing.

So that about wraps up 2015 where GanguStars is concerned. Aside from the eventual post filled with doom and gloom about the GanguStars future. But not concerned with that right now.

Enjoy your New Year!

1984 action figures 80's batman Fisher-Price imaginext macross robotech Transformers トランスフォーマー マクロス スターウォーズ Star Wars

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