Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Turn And Face The Strange. Goodbye To Mentors.

David Bowie rest in peace rip Bauhaus Iggy Pop
Like a lot of people who first went online on Monday to see what was new, I was pretty shocked to see that David Bowie has passed on Sunday. Yes, you may question why I was shocked that someone who was sick had died, but I think it's ingrained in us now that even those fighting a severe illness can and should beat it. It's a hope that I wish wasn't met with the same shitty cynicism that everything else runs up against these days. Plus there's the idea that your idols, or better, mentors will live on forever. In some ways they of course will.

I don't get choked up, or even tear up when most celebrities pass on. It's really only happened 3 times. Monday was one of those. It's very easy to say that without David Bowie, and those that he worked with, and those he clearly influenced there would be no GanguStars. My very being would probably be so different, that I wouldn't resemble the man I am at all. So much of the past 25 years of my live has been touched in some way by the people who were also touched by Bowie. His style, music and attitude.
David Bowie rest in peace rip Johnny Cash Joe Strummer
The last time I felt this way was when Johnny Cash passed. That was also something that people had expected, but still hurt when it happened. Before him it was Joe Strummer. That one really hit me hard. The Clash was such a crazy huge influence on me, I don't know how to even really put it into words. That band has in more ways than anything shaped me. That includes family, friends and yes, toys.

So goodbye Mr. Bowie. You've still provided me with one of the best live performances I have ever seen. Thank you!

David Bowie rest in peace rip Johnny Cash Joe Strummer

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