Friday, March 4, 2016

Lights, Camera, Inaction:Reaction (The Status Of GanguStars: Part 2)

The Status Of GanguStars Part 2
Almost a month later, and here's the second part of The Status Of GanguStars segment. The last part I should note, because I have to get onto other things.

What's New
I finally got a some real photo/studio lighting. As great as my homemade light boxes and work bench lighting was at getting my some good shots, I hope this new equipment does an even better job. A bit of an unexpected upgrade that came about with my mom calling me to say she was struggling to come up with a birthday gift for me just as I was researching camera lighting.

The other new item to use for my blog/net projects is a camcorder. Just a basic dedicated camcorder for making review vids or maybe interviews/event reporting. I got this thing late last year and have only just tested it for about 5 minutes, so I can't say anything will come of it in the next few months. But I figure one more tool in the arsenal can only be a good thing.

GanguStars has been renewed for at least another year. I had made that decision last Fall. I went ahead on a few other renewals in February for some other things. One site I would love to still get to is a crafters help blog. A lot of folks ask my about customs, and even though I direct them to various online tutorials, some people remain lost. I want to make a blog that has the most basic of info to really help those that want to do things, to be able to do them.

Clutter, Junk & Garbage
What also has me stymied is the amount of crap sitting here, there and everywhere around my work spaces. The bulk of this mess is comprised of toys and books I no longer want. A lot of it is stuff I need to sell off, trade off or just give away. A bit of it falls into the area of possible garbage, items that I don't think anybody would even want to have sent there way at just the cost of shipping. So far this reclaiming of my workspace has been my primary project over the last few months. It's really pushed my blog and anything else creative aside. But things are slow going of course.

Speaking About Selling Things
I've tried to sell things that I no longer want at, or just above cost to cover me fees. It's not working. At a time when so many are crying fowl at crazy high prices yet asking ridiculous prices for their own items, I'm finding myself at a loss. A loss of polite words for them, and a loss of respect. I'm at a point where I may just go the ¢1 auction route. Make sure I charge correct shipping as to not make it a loss and just let folks pay what they want. I've had two "Pay What You Want" sales in the past and things have gone well, maybe it times to do one on Ebay. It'll also be a protest to all the shit I see going on at Ebay with the fucked up Buy It Now item pricing.

Of course all of this is well and good, but until this damn Winter is over I'm going to be moody and depressed at seeing all this fucking snow...

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