Monday, April 11, 2016

Path From Vintage Prototypes, Art & Collector's Toys To Modern Mass Releases Postings?

Some time in the last year and a half this blog changed it's focus and direction. The thing is, the blog was really supposed to only be a supplement to a larger site I wanted to work on. The idea was for the blog's content is a closer match to the current postings of store finds and recent purchases and less like the content I posted earlier on. While my desire to create a proper web site has remained over the past couple years, the actual use for it and need of it may be diminishing with each passing year. What the collector's community wants online these days is not quite the same as it once wanted. Going through old files while cleaning up my computer I found a series of pics I posted almost 20 years ago. It was fun to think about what got folks excited back then, but doesn't do much now.
Takara Transformers Arcee 1984 Diaclone prototypes トランスフォーマー ダイアクロン ミクロマン
The usefulness of a informational site, no matter the content present, seems to be gone. Unless it's a wiki based site, or a site with member forums I don't see much support for the style of site I was looking to make anymore. The blog had initially just covered for the time I was planning on doing the site, and then just basically became the "site" so to speak. I even used some of the content ideas that would have gone on my site for posting here. So the blog has really worked for me in absence of a web site and I'm going to continue on with it. There's quite a bit of things that would have gone into my web site concept that won't find a home here, but that doesn't mean I can share them on Twitter, Facebook or some other online or offline outlet in the future.
She Ra POP Princess He Man Mattel vintage classics dollsStar Wars bounty hunters Bossk IG-88 Dengar Kenner vintage toys Hasbro saga
 What will be changing, and as I said has already been changing, is the content of the blog. While it was fun to focus on Transformers toys, Diaclone prototypes and early vintage 70's and 80's Japanese robots and manga, it never got any traction. Going on stats and numbers alone, I can say that almost nobody cares about that type of stuff being posted here. From what I see of the current market, I get it, I see why there's little interest in the type of things I post. And to my surprise, posting about the new toys actually brings about far more interest in the blog, and a vastly greater amount of viewership here. Like 20 times more viewers per post when I have Imaginext news vs. Transformers prototype pics from the 80's. So that's a bit about the story behind the current trend in changes here.
Takara Transformers Abominus 1987 Terrorcons Diaclone prototypes トランスフォーマー ダイアクロン ミクロマン
But what's coming up? Well you can expect more of the same thing you've seen the past year and a half. I also plan on expanding coverage of a few other subjects as well as tying to get a visual guide to the Imaginext DC Super Friends toy line up and running. I also want to get to doing some proper reviews. I wanted to start a video review channel earlier in the year and just have been too preoccupied with other things. I may open the blog up to occasional non-toy bits here and there. It'll keep things fresh for me, and maybe folks will pick up on something they hadn't already discovered on their own.
Imaginext Firestorm Sinestro Batgirl Cheetah Target Super Friends Justice League 2016 batman Diaclone dc comics
If you've enjoyed what I've been posting for the last 16 months you can look forward to more of the same, and maybe even at a higher level of quality. As I begin to close up on the vintage area of my collecting and put all that stuff in storage, I hope to not loose all the followers who were here just for that stuff. I still have a passion for that era, but just no ability or desire to be part of the current market/community.

1984 batman Diaclone He Man prototypes Star Wars Takara Transformers dc comics imaginext トランスフォーマー ダイアクロン ミクロマン

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