Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's Like Buying At 2011 Prices. Mystery Item In The Mail!

Here's the short version of the events that led to me getting a box in the mail this week that contained a toy that I was pretty much in the dark on. It started back in 2011 with an auction that I can find no e-mail verification that I won. Going forward a few weeks into 2012 and I've just moved into a new apartment and within another 2 weeks my computer dies. I tried to bring it back but it was done. I lost some passwords and log-ins to sites that I (irresponsibly) didn't record on paper. One account was a e-mail used for a bidding service, the other was a log-in to that same bidding service. Because I was in a new home, and a few things popped up I wanted I just set up a new account. I knew I had 2 books paid for and waiting to be shipped to me in my old account but figured I could get all the nonsense sorted later. My need to bid on new things clouded my judgement.

Later in 2012 I did finally get access to my e-mail account but never went back to the bidding service site. I basically wrote off the 2 books. The bidding service never sent another e-mail saying I had the books waiting, or that they were going to destroy them after a period of time as their rules outlined. And I absolutely have no e-mails from them stating I was the winner of any more auctions. I have since checked a couple times and I need to say it again, I was never contacted about any items I needed to pay for.

Now in the past few months I have been taking time to clean up areas of my house. My work and toy area being the main problem spot. The space around my computer desk and adjacent to it littered with notes about toys, project ideas and various this and that. I started to sort one particular bag of random bits of info including passwords and log-ins and sure enough there's an old note with the bidding service info I had lost. Seems I wasn't as irresponsible as I had thought, but not really organized either. With no real hope that the 2 books I had forsaken could still be in storage at the bidding service I logged in just to make sure. The account was still active at least, and the books were still listed as being in storage. And I had a third item marked as unpaid. A third item! From when? And what? I needed to find out more, even though I was going to look like an asshole for not logging in for 4 years.

After sending in a note explaining things I got a message back that the 2 books were in fact still there and that they would send an invoice for the third item. The problem s that the auction was so old I could pull up any info on it and the bidding description was extremely short and vague. I have to admit, I felt a little unsure at this point. I wrote back asking what the item was but they said they didn't know. Was this a set-up? Were they just attempting to recover money for an old item? I thought I could maybe get a better idea of the situation if I asked for a photo of the item to help me remember. They said no, that they only photograph items in insurance claim situations and that until the item was paid for they wouldn't open the original mailing box anyhow. Now at this point I'm texting a friend and going over this, and I'm feeling very uneasy about the whole thing. Ultimately I just said fuck it and paid the invoice they sent. It wasn't that much and if there was a chance I could still get the books in storage that was worth it. After the payment cleared and I waited out Golden Week the box was shipped.
Even for an EMS package this thing arrived super fast. All along I was wondering what would come, what if it was just the books? What is it was actually some other persons order they mistakenly attributed to my old account? They never actually confirmed what I had with them, I could be getting almost anything. I have to admit I was shockingly pleased with what was inside. Not only was it a toy, and a toy from a line I am still collecting, but a really awesome toy from that line.
And of course the books I had in storage for what was now 4 years and a few months were also in the box. Now before I finish here I need to make clear that I do not remember winning this toy. I probably bid, because I bid on these toys a lot. I had a huge archive of all past auctions for this toy lien and will no doubt be looking this auction up. but if I had won an auction for this toy, I would not have neglected it or let it go, there's just no way I'm going to blow off a chance of adding a Japanese exclusive Blockman toy to my collection. That just wouldn't happen.
1984 1985 Japanese Robots robotech Robolinks Takara 合体戦士ブロックマン ミクロマン タカラTakara Microman 1974 robots Popy manga comics Japanese Shogun Godaikin
Sure it's a double, I already have this set, but at about a $100 plus shipping it was a great price. A loose used set just sold for more than that on YJA 3 weeks back. And I'm super excited to have the books finally. Some decent info in there and a few ads that I don't already have in my advertising archive. I guess I'm still in a state of disbelief that these things were still sitting over in Japan after so many years, but I'm glad it's all wrapped up and taken care of now.
Takara Microman 1974 robots Popy manga comics Japanese Shogun Godaikin

1984 1985 Japanese Robots robotech Robolinks Takara 合体戦士ブロックマン ミクロマン タカラ

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