Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Batman, Batman, Batman. Na, na, na, na, na, na, na...Batman! (Imaginext DC Super Friends)

If you've known me long enough you may be surprised to hear that I LOVE variant colors of a toy. Not paint app errors or simple color swaps like blue eyes instead of yellow, I mean actual straight up full body color changes on a figure that creates a new release. I may bitch and complain a lot about what companies do with their toy offerings, but when one of my favorite aspects of the 80's ARAH G.I.Joe line was Tiger Force, re-using old molds in new colors isn't be one of issues I have.
batman dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext Kenner super heroes アメコミ バットマン
So when it comes to the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends line I am in heaven. There's all kinds of cool re-uses and alternate color figures, vehicles and play sets(!) to collect. Sure some toys get used more often than others, and it's probably no surprise who gets re-purposed the most, Batman! In a World where adult collectors moan and sigh at each new Snake-Eyes or Optimus Prime re-color released it's funny to learn how kids react to these Imaginext figures. Time after time parents are posting (on Facebook groups) that their kid had just passed up the newest cool hero or villain release for a Batman figure instead. My brother says my nephew does the same thing.
batman dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext Kenner super heroes アメコミ バットマン
I can't fault them for passing on some of the figures for a new Batman, Imaginext features some great Batman designs. The look and style of the Imaginext Batman offerings really takes me back to the early 90's Kenner Batman Movie and Animated releases. I loved the Kenner Batman Returns Movie figures like the Arctic Batman and Deep Dive Batman. And for as much as I liked those old Kenner figures, I actually like the Imaginext stuff better. Fisher-Price has me on their hook and I'm not even trying to get away. There's going to be a re-release of the $70 big ticket BatBot toy with a new exclusive Batman figure. The Bot itself features a styling nod to the 60's Batmobile. It'll be about $70 like before and I'm not even going to fuss over it, it's as good as bought.
batman dc comics 2016 2017 BatBot new Fisher-Price imaginext Kenner super heroes アメコミ バットマン

action figures batman dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext Kenner super heroes アメコミ バットマン

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  1. I especially like this variant because it reminds me of the Justice (Alex Ross) Armored Batman outfit. &