Friday, June 24, 2016

I'll Wait For Ross To Have It. (G.I.Joe Transformers Marvel)

note: This post has been waiting in queue since mid-September 2015. So some of the wording about items being "new" is relative to that time.

LEGO Star Wars スターウォーズ Boba Fett rare exclusive mini figuresLEGO Star Wars スターウォーズ Boba Fett rare exclusive mini figures
 I walked into a Marshall's one day to scope out the toy section and spotted the newest LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia sitting on the shelf. This was my first sighting of the book, something I was planning to buy via Amazon when I had a chance. But here it was, and as luck would have it, $6 under list price.
LEGO Star Wars スターウォーズ Boba Fett rare exclusive mini figuresLEGO Star Wars スターウォーズ Boba Fett rare exclusive mini figures
I don't normally find new items like this for sale at Marshall's. I'm often picking up random items that pop up there that have come and gone from other stores. I know buying out of discounters is getting to be an issue with those who have to buy things right away, or earlier at crazy inflated 100x retail prices via ebay just to be able to have things first. And in a sense I understand one side of their argument, that is you wait for things to leave the primary retail chains you stand to loose out on future offerings being produced. However, that's not always what gets these folks riled up. It's also the idea that they paid way more than they had too. But that's on them.

I no doubt believe there are those who will wait til things go to Ross, TJ Maxx, or Tuesday Morning just to get them cheaper. However, the difference between waiting for an item to hit a discounter and buying an item at a discounter you missed brings up another couple arguments in favor of shopping them. Discounters help collectors who were not collecting something when it was in major stores and only able to be found later on. And discounters help get product that larger retailers passed on and would instead be released only in foreign markets.
Transformers クレオ トランスフォーマー Hound Shockwave Masterpiece Kre-O LEGO
I didn't start collecting Kre-O when it first hit. Kre-O is nothing but a LEGO knock-off, a cheaper made imitation toy line. It just is. At first this was enough for me to totally blow it off. Hasbro was just being lazy and trying to snatch up some of the crazy money LEGO takes in. What finally got me collecting Kre-O was the G.I.Joe line. After I was in on Joes, I began to grab a few Transformers Kreons. But at this point most of the single pack waves had been long gone from toy shelves. Thanks to a second life at discounters and even the dollar store I was able to grab some of what I missed on.
Transformers クレオ トランスフォーマー Hound Shockwave Masterpiece Kre-O LEGO Transformers クレオ トランスフォーマー Hound Shockwave Masterpiece Kre-O LEGO
One problem that shopping only at Toys R Us and Target would never have helped me on is the issue where what if they didn't want to stock the items in the first place? Is it not okay to shop at Ross when Target had something first, but fine to shop at Ross when they didn't? Well in the case of some of the later non-movie line Transformers Kre-O toys they were shipping only to regular retail in the Philippines. I don' think most collectors in the U.S. even thought they had much of a chance, but then they showed up at Marshall's and a lot of us Kre-O fans were pretty damn excited.

The mantra of some of those against discounters is pretty strong, it's an all or nothing idea. Shopping Ross for Joes killed the G.I.Joe 25th line. Of course it didn't, but you'd think it did if you were listening only to what some on one of the larger Joe boards said. It's not a right or wrong, black and white issue. These stores serve a genuine purpose, whether they are there to alleviate the problem of excess stock for larger manufacturers, or offer those of lesser means an affordable product. It's just comes off as pure selfishness to try and dictate where a collector should shop based on what they are willing to or can afford to pay for items.
Marvel アメコミ Deadpool Hero Mashers Legends Xmen action figures
Let's also not count out the fact that so many great toys are scooped up by shitbag scalpers on a daily basis. I had never even seen the Marvel Hero Mashers Deadpool at normal retail. Had it not been for a chance find at a Marshall's I would not have been able to pick one up at a store. So that's another check in favor of discounter shopping for me.

action figures g.i.joe Kre-O LEGO marvel Transformers クレオ アメコミ トランスフォーマー Star Wars スターウォーズ

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