Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's Hard To Disagree With Free. (Star Wars Detroit Lions)

Detroit Lions Football 2015 Oyo Sports Toys NFL
A few weeks back my wife came home from a shopping trip to Kohl's with a gift, a set of Detroit Lions NFL brick figures.Not only were they already at a really good clearance price, but she got an extra 30% off using a coupon. I've wanted to grab some of these for the few years I've been seeing them come out. The pricing is just out of my comfort zone. When its like $10 for just a single newly released retail brick figure I have to pass, no matter how cool they are. But when my wife gift's me a set that she paid 40% less than what just 1 of the figures retails for I'm quite happy.
Detroit Lions Football 2015 Oyo Sports Toys NFL
This set comes with 2 Detroit Lions players, a Ref, and plates to create a partial field to play on. The players in these larger sets are always un-named, but you can get licensed named figure sin the single packs and I think online via the companies website. Also, these are typically regionally based, so if you want a team from another State you will have to mail order. The brick figures are of a unique design, but as you can see in the pic they do state (and are) compatible with LEGO toys. I opened them up for just a second to fiddle around with them and they are fun. It isn't football season right now, we're right in the middle of baseball, so these will probably go away for a few months and re-emerge in the Fall.

The other thing my wife handed me along with these Lions figures was a Kohl's coupon for $10 in merchandise. It was payback for a $10 coupon I let her used weeks before. At the time I couldn't find anything to buy and it was about to expire. A few days later while checking in to see if any Imaginext was re-stocked I found the new-ish Darth Vader 4" figure from the Force Awakens assortment on the pegs.
Star Wars The Force Awakens Darth Vader スターウォーズ hasbro Kenner
Kohl's does not price their toys cheap, or even close to normal MSRP so sales are a must for making purchases there. Sadly they tend to only give about 10-15% off via sales for Star Wars and other boys action figures toys. This Darth Vader is missing from all other stores around me however. The glut of secondary (and worse) characters has pegs filled at Target, Meijer and Kroger where prices are much better. The reason for the Kohl's purchase though was with a sale going on, an extra 20% off coupon and the $10 coupon I didn't have to pay anything for this toy. I do already have this figure, I picked one up last year. But even with already owning this toy I was really attracted to the package design. Much like the other recent Force Awakens branded pick up of mine, this one has gorgeous style to it. This will probably stay sealed up, I like these 5POA figures but I don't need multiples opened up.

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