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A Transformers Story Of Legends, Titans, Mini's & Micro's. Mainly Legends. (Transformers)

Continuing on from where I left off in my last post, and actually updating a previous statement on the search for Titans Returns toys. I can now say I have finally found and bought wave 1 of the Titan Masters toys. Ran into a Target after work and able to pick up Nightbeat, Loudmouth and Crashbash. The other Target in my city happened to have the last and maybe IMHO best toy in the assortment, Horri-Bull. So my collection has officially started.

After writing my previous post I got to thinking about what it was about this series that really stuck with me. It's certainly not the first Transformers series to feature smaller bots, or even the Headmasters theme (obviously). When I think back to a toy line like Micromasters, I remember that I thought of them more of a Micro Machines knock-off, which they were in a sense. I had a few Micro Machines, my brothers tons more, and I really liked them. When Hasbro began to slid into a dark era of playing catch up/idea piggybacking/creative bankruptcy in the late 80's I was still a Transformers fan. But when Micromasters hit it just didn't do anything for me. I didn't like them at all. In time, and as an adult collector I have grown to appreciate and really love the Micromasters toys. Not so for the other big sub-series of micro Transformers.

Mini-Cons, in their original form from the Unicron Trilogy era left me looking for more. More fun toys, more fun concept, just more what what I found these toys to be lacking. It's not for lack of trying them out. I have bought quite a few toys from this era of Transformers, most were sold off, a few given away. Sitting here, I'm hard pressed to think of any others I've kept outside of the TFU Whirl set. That toy being a Transformers Rotorstorm re-color that just happened to include 2 Mini-Cons. I had friends who loved the Mini-Con range, but it just never held my interest. At this point, which is about 5 years longer than it took me to warm up to the Micromasters, I still don't think very much of the Mini-Con concept. But in what may be surprising given the similarities involved with all the smaller Transformers toys, Titans Return has a hold of me at go!
Transformers Titans Return Blurr Shockwave Hasbro Takara トランスフォーマーレジェンズ ショックウェーブ ブラー
I'm seriously contemplating how far in this hole I'm willing to go. The prices of the Hasbro Titans Return toys are split, and I can see me picking up quite a few of the Masters and DX sized toys. Anything Leader Class and higher is going to need some real consideration. So when it comes to TakaraTomy's Transformers Legends line I get a bit worried. I love their version of Blurr, which I think outshines the Hasbro one. But the TT Shockwave, a slight reworking of the Hasbro Combiner Wars Shockwave doesn't quite do it for me. But...he comes with a uniquely colored Titan Master figure! Dammit! With the TakaraTomy figures coming in at up to 3 times the cost of similar Hasbro versions I just don't know right now if I can do it, can I really buy any of them?
Transformers Titans Return DX Hardhead ChromeDome トランスフォーマーレジェンズ ハードヘッド クロームドーム ハイブロウ ブレインストーム Hasbro Takara Transformers Titans Return Mindwipe Weirdwolf トランスフォーマーレジェンズ スカル ウィアードウルフ ワイプ Hasbro Takara
TakaraTomy will be selling the various DX sized toys I can buy for $15 with the usual added paint apps and highlights Japan normally sees. But as you can see by the circle highlights, these toys will each include a bonus Titan Master vehicle which will double as a Target Master weapon for the figures! And of course...the Titan Master vehicle will feature an exclusive color design to match the toy it comes with. Grrr.
Transformers Titans Return DX Hardhead ChromeDome トランスフォーマーレジェンズ ハードヘッド クロームドーム ハイブロウ ブレインストーム Hasbro Takara Transformers Titans Return Mindwipe Weirdwolf トランスフォーマーレジェンズ スカル ウィアードウルフ ワイプ Hasbro Takara
This is where I begin to move into a dangerous realm of collecting. I really like the looks of these toys. I couldn't give a damn about the changes made to the DX sized toys  these come with, I only want the smaller add-n Titan master vehicles. But how can I justify paying $45-$60 each for such a small part of the toy. Even if I tried to resell the main figure I'd likely be out a good chunk of cash. And these are just the basic level toys. What about anything larger? And of course pricier!
Transformers Titans Return Soundwave トランスフォーマーレジェンズ サウンドウェーブ Hasbro Takara Transformers Titans Return Soundwave トランスフォーマーレジェンズ サウンドウェーブ Hasbro Takara
I mentioned in my last post that I may have to choose the best option when it comes to toys sharing a mold/design. So in the case of Blaster and Soundwave, I'm already heavily leaning toward Soundwave, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I also favor the TakaraTomy versions over Hasbro's. To have the TakaraTomy version shipped to me in the States I'd be looking at over double the cost of the Hasbro Soundwave. With that being the case I could have both Soundwave and Blaster for the cost of importing just Soundwave. This is the kind of thing I feel I need a structured plan for. If I don't take time to think it out, I could easily blow a lot of money impulsively.

More on all of this Legends talk later.

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