Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sometimes It's The Little Things That Matter. (Transformers)

Transformers Titans Return wave 2 Titan Master Clobber Grimlock Skytread Brawn Takara トランスフォーマー レジェンズTransformers Titans Return wave 2 Titan Master Apeface Takara トランスフォーマー レジェンズ
This past week I found the Transformers Titans Return wave 2 Titan Master toys. Pretty excited for these since it was Apeface that I wanted most out of all 8 Titan Masters released so far in waves 1 and 2. He does not disappoint. This of course only makes my decisions to buy/not buy the Japanese Legends versions of this mold all that much harder. Ah...the excruciating, agonizing problems of the collector.
Transformers Titans Return wave 2 Titan Master Clobber Grimlock Skytread Brawn Takara トランスフォーマー レジェンズ
The week before last I was just getting the wave 1 Titan Masters, and playing around with them a bit. Love them. I am seeing some lack of interest in these little guys, in some sense I can understand. Most of the complaints center around the idea of buying a figure that transforms into a head for which Hasbro hasn't issued a proper/corresponding body for. But, and this is where I differ, the Headmasters are fun on their own as figures. Set aside that they are Headmasters and the little buggers really work well in the would of Titans Return. I almost picked up the Hasbro TR Powermaster Optimus Prime just because I wanted a base for my Tian Masters. A $45 buy on a  whim just to have a fort for my $5 purchases. Of course my senses kicked on and I passed. If I'm buying that toy, I would go TakaraTomy instead.
Transformers Kre-O Combiner Robots Mega Pack at Dollar General トランスフォーマー クレオTransformers Kre-O Combiner Robots Mega Pack at Dollar General トランスフォーマー クレオ
As luck would have it I managed to finally find the Transformers Kre-O Combiner Robots Mega Pack at Dollar General. The set being a combiners re-pack made up of the previously single boxed Superion, Menasor and Bruticus sets. Been trying to locate one in store for some time. At just $12, this is an amazing deal. Each of these single sets retailed at $10-$12, so it's like you're buying 1 and getting 2 free! Since I missed out on these when they first ht stores, I'd love to see another set with some of the remaining G1 combiners like Defensor, Devastator and Piranacon.
Transformers Kre-O Combiner Menasor トランスフォーマー クレオ
The clear combiner winner in the set for me is Menasor. The single figures most closely resemble their G1 looks, and the combined mode is nice too. I think maybe the Bruticus combined mode is better, but I don't like the single Kreon designs as much. Superion is kind of a wash. Combined mode is only ok, and single designs are ho-hum. My two favorite Kreons out of the set are...
hasbro Kre-O Combiners Combaticon Onslaught Transformers トランスフォーマー クレオhasbro Kre-O Combiners Stunticon Breakdown Transformers トランスフォーマー クレオ
...the Combaticon Onslaught and Stunticon Breakdown .Breakdown being the best figure of the whole lot. This leads me back to the Titan Masters. While Apeface was the definitive stand out in wave 2, wave 1 bought a bit a surprise. When I bought wave 1 it was Terri-Bull that I was most anxious to break open and play with. After opening all 4 toys, it was actually Loudmouth that walked, or rather road away as the winner.
Transformers Titans Return wave 1 Titan Master Loudmouth Takara トランスフォーマー レジェンズ

hasbro Kre-O Combiners Japanese Robots Takara Transformers トランスフォーマー クレオ

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