Thursday, August 25, 2016

Third Time's The Charm: Rebuilding My Microman Collection. (Microman Micronauts)

About four years ago I decided I was going to try to collect Microman toys again. I built and sold two collections by this point, and since a few years had past I was kinda missing having the little guys around. Sure, I kept a few bits each time I sold a collection off, but I'm a toy addict, a "few" of anything isn't going to do it for me. And this time around I felt I needed to really go after a few of the items that I really wanted but just never got a chance to own. I cam up with a loose list of things I wanted, and then left things open for any additional items that came about.
Microman タカラ ミクロマン Rolling Thunder Japan Takara vintage robots Interchangeables CosmoBot
Much to my surprise I was able to check something off the list almost immediately. Now before I go further, I have to remind folks that I am a notoriously low price buyer. A bargain hunter. Cheapskate if you want. So while I can probably find almost any item on any of my want lists within weeks, I would likely not pay the asking price on 97% of the pieces. I had just started up watching Ebay again and saw a Inter-Changeables Cosmobot got for $170. This being a toy on my list I was a bit shocked at that price. Researching it a bit I could see that another (in used/incomplete condition) had sold just a bit higher, and even loose parts were selling at fairly high prices. I wouldn't say I had too much time to dwell on it before a listing for a MIB unused Cosomobot out of Canada showed up. Knowing that 2 had sold in the past 6 weeks I wasn't expecting the final price to be $60. Add in just another $17 for shipping and I felt that I got a hell of a deal.

I would end up getting some carded Inter-Changeables figures and a few loose Mego Micronauts I had wanted before moving on to Microman. This is where I really wanted to head, because the bulk of what I had sold before was Microman toys.
Microman タカラ ミクロマン Walther Uncle Cassettes Browning Micro Change series Japan Takara vintage robots Micronauts
If I listed all the prices I paid for some of my Microman stuff from the 90's, I think some collectors would absolutely shit themselves. But those days are gone, replaced by...well...they've been replaced, let's just leave it there. I think my main goal right off the bat wasn't vintage, or Takara re-issues. I wanted to get back all the Microman 21 toys. These hold special meaning to me, but I'll delve into that some other time.
Microman 21 ミクロマン Romandoh reissues Micro Change series Saram vintage robots Micronauts
Microman 21 ミクロマン Romandoh reissues Micro Change series Saram vintage robots MicronautsMicroman 21 ミクロマン Romandoh reissues Stealth vintage robots Micronauts
Some of the Microman 21 items I was purchasing for the 3rd time. However,I was getting them at the lowest price I had ever paid, so the foolish feeling of buying something I had sold before was diminished a great deal. And the M21 stuff is just really cool, so having it back on my desk to play with was awesome. I still need a few pieces, but I'll get them. Except maybe the talking Command Watch I had, I don't see that very often.
Microman タカラ ミクロマン Rolling Thunder Japan Takara vintage robots
I did do some vintage shopping as well. The 2 big items I had always wanted but never owned were the Rescue Base and Rolling Thunder vehicle. I picked up Rescue Base at a great deal, and a loose incomplete Rolling Thunder at an even better deal. Sadly, what made it incomplete was that it was missing it's magnets. Those magnets are incredibly important for this toy. Luckily I had some space Micro parts that another collector needed and he had the magnets I needed for this set! Not a month or so later I found a can't pass up deal on a boxed Rolling Thunder. Crazy. While I continue to look for items on my list, at prices I wish to pay, there are things I'm going to stop collecting.
タカラ ミクロマン クラブ 70's action figures Japanese Robots Microman Micronautsタカラ ミクロマン 森藤よしひろ 70's action figures Japanese Robots Microman Micronauts
Henshin Cyborg 1999 70's action figures Japanese Robots Microman Micronauts タカラ ミクロマン
I don't think I'm going to continue to search out/collect vintage media for Microman, or related toys. Competition is tough, and as each year passes the prices just get higher. With some folks on the net posting similar stuff as I, it dawns on me that we may be competing for the same stuff at auction. It's just counter-productive. If I'm the one to do it, or someone else, it's getting out there and that's the important thing. Well, okay, I can't deny that when people do it in a half-assed way it does bug me, that's my problem. Anyhow, with new toys possibly on the horizon I may need extra funds to keep up. Maybe. I need to be shown it's worth my time and money first.
Hasbro Micronauts hasbrotoyshop damaged item bad service
Because if I'm not going to buy the new releases coming out, my vintage checklist is getting checked off, and I'm abandoning old media, then I suppose I could focus on the impossible.
So seriously, how much would it cost to have TakaraTomy make me some GanguStars exclusive Micros? :)

1984 70's action figures Japanese Robots Microman Micronauts タカラ ミクロマン 森藤よしひろ

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