Friday, September 9, 2016

How Far Down The Road Do I Kick This Can? (Machine Robo Diaclone Gobots)

I think about random things a lot. I think, I consider, I contemplate, I dwell. Yeah, I dwell, maybe the best way to put it. I dwell over the past, over regrets, over the bad, the good. This is going to be the first of maybe a trio of posts based around toy collecting and maybe not any particular toy or series proper. I may sneak in an odd toy find post in the next 3 days, but not completely sure just yet. I did pick up a few things here and there so there is material.
Bandai Blockman Diaclone Japanese Robots Gobots Machine Robo imaginext Robolinks Takara vintage toys ダイアクロン タカラ マシンロボ 合体戦士ブロックマン
A few weeks back I was mindlessly skimming Ebay auctions when I found a seller who had listed a set of photo copied animation model sheets. I know they're copies because I bought the same sheets years ago. The quality isn't great, and the price seems a bit much for basic copies, but they are still selling. I thought about how I could offer the same material, with an additional 75% content, with a splash of color at about the same price. Oh, and in a book format, not just loose pages.

After a few days I started breaking out the old folder files full of stuff. I began to scan large chunks or material here and there and really started to get excited about the project. A week and a half in and I began to feel the doubts creeping in. Would anybody want this? Should I waste my time? What if if I can't surpass the quality of like items? Should I really be starting another project when I have so many that never seem to get finished? This last thought more than any of the others is the one that stayed with me. And boy did it stay with me.

I've mentioned before that this year marked 20 years of my trying to make contributions to the net. It was nearly 16 years ago that I decided that maybe a print option would be better. Or at least more fun to create. Using what tools I had, which was mostly the copy machines at Kinkos I printed up various fanzines and mock-ups to larger fan guides (that never went farther than one-offs). Very few of these fanzines made there way into collectors hands. I passed a few out here and there at toy shows, let attendees flip through my fan guide mock-ups at BotCon. The input I received from folks was always super positive. I just didn't finish any thing I planned.
Bandai Japanese Robots Gobots Machine Robo vintage toys マシンロボ
Bandai Japanese Robots Gobots Machine Robo vintage toys マシンロボBandai Japanese Robots Gobots Machine Robo vintage toys マシンロボ
Sitting here the other day I read a post by a buddy telling someone to check out my site for Robolinks info. Sadly, my site has little of that, even though months back I proposed a guide to buying the toys to be made and listed on this blog. Never finished it. I see people constantly asking around for lists of all the Imaginext DC toys. I had started a visual guide for those to reside here at this blog. Never finished. Even after the first book and Japanese toy ads doing fairly poorly, I was going to look into maybe just doing a PDF version of volume 2. That project completely stalled and is now stranded in a ditch on the side of the road. Diaclone guide, never completed. Machine Robo & Gobots guides, never finished.

I have a long standing trend of starting but never finishing projects. And I came up with all sorts of reasons to cover myself over the years. The time isn't right. I don't have enough of the source material. I can't decide on the best method. Nobody cares about this stuff. Somebody already did something like this. All just excuses, all pretty feeble. I've had one concept cooking in the back that I've been playing with for just over a year now. And I think it can put to rest any questions I have about the direction I've wanted to go.
Bandai Blockman Diaclone Japanese Robots Gobots Machine Robo imaginext Robolinks Takara vintage toys ダイアクロン タカラ マシンロボ 合体戦士ブロックマン
I want to do a newspaper of sorts. A journal about all things toys and collecting. I'd have several themes per issue to keep things interesting. I'd also break up some projects that just seem too overwhelming for me to handle at one time. It would also mean that some projects I felt were too lacking in material for their own offering will now see the light of day. The downside, and I always seem to see a downside, is that I would be asking people to pay money for something again. At least if I offer this in the format I hope to. That's not an easy thing to ask. Especially not to collector's who would rather buy toys. I'd agree, many items I'm the same way. Of course, before I get too far ahead of myself, I need to at least get the first issue done and see what the process involves. I don't want to make too many promises I have to later break.

Bandai Blockman Diaclone Japanese Robots Gobots Machine Robo imaginext Robolinks Takara vintage toys ダイアクロン タカラ マシンロボ 合体戦士ブロックマン

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