Saturday, September 17, 2016

One Less Tool Of The Trade: Goodbye To My First Digital Camera!

This is a bit of an indulgence, so please bear with me. It's not really toy related, but not exactly unrelated to toys. My first digital camera stopped working this week. It's been acting up for a few months now, but took it's last few photos and closed it's lens for good a few days ago. I've had this camera for 16 years, and it's seen two other cameras die before it was his time. This camera had been all around the U.S. with me, even relocating to California for a time. It traveled to Canada with me, and to Japan a few times. It took thousands of photos for me and until this year never failed me once.
When I bought this Sony Cyber-shot camera I was the first among my friends and family to have one. It took pretty powerful pics, with it's amazing "2.1. Mega Pixels" of resolution. And no kidding aside, still took great Macro pics even as little as two weeks ago. The camera has been a real work horse, and quite versatile even though cameras on the market now completely dwarf it in the specs area. Being something I've used possibly 3 or 4 days of each week for the past 16 years I figured a little write-up and picture posting was the least I could do.
ボットコンジャパン BotCon lucky draw Beast Wars Transformers  ビーストウォーズ コンボイ キャンペーン トランスフォーマー リジ
 I've owned 4 different digital cameras, and this Sony really even puts my Canon DSLR to shame when it comes to Macro. This Sony could even accept lens attachments for various effects like a fish-eye or wide angle. There were several manual operations built n that later DSLR's would all incorporate but most point and shoot models lack. As I was looking for old pics I also took a second to look this camera up again, because I'm seriously thinking about buying another. Even though it's 16 years old, it's just that reliable and efficient for my needs.
Diaclone ミクロマン 変身サイボーグ 合体戦士ブロックマン アーマー マシンロボ 600シリーズ 新幹線 トランスフォーマー ウルトラマグナス G.I.ジョー Microman Gobots
I'll be posting full sized pics on Facebook & Twitter and adding in short snippets about them and when they were taken.

G.I.Joe Transformers Sony DSC camera トランスフォーマー Microman BotCon マシンロボ Gobots

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