Saturday, September 10, 2016

Where Am I Going To Put All This? (Machine Robo Gobots Kre-O)

I have to imagine this idea is shared by just about every collector out there, that though of just where the hell is all this stuff you've accumulated going to fit in your house? Sure there's some collectors who may elect to put it in an off-site storage. Some folks may even be pretty well off to afford large areas of their home solely for their collectibles. I think maybe the more modest income earners (read: poor people) like myself may be worse off when it comes to how well they can really show off their beloved toys. I haven't been able to have a dedicated display case/shelf/area since I moved from my last home in 2012.

A few months back things just got absolutely out of hand. Towers of toys blocking my closet, blocking my window, covering the entirety of my drawing table and photo area. Toys pretty much filling all but a narrow pathway in my room. Much of this stuff things I no longer want, but sadly not selling online either. I had a few options, and I wasn't taking anything off the table. I could throw stuff out, unbox things, give some items away, and maybe move a few more things into the "sell" pile that would actually sell. I basically did all of this. And I also bought some new storage containers to make better use of the space I have.
A stop at Michael's allowed me to get a good assortment of cases on sale that I could experiment with. I was able to grab a few larger totes at Target, which to my delight were also on sale. Without having the proper measurements for what I wanted to store in hand (which I advise to make things easier than I did them), I had to test the fit  of various things to see what worked. Sometimes these storage cases protect their contents better than they save space.
Machine Robo Gobots マシンロボ CG Robo Machines Bandai Tonka rare
Machine Robo Gobots マシンロボ CG Robo Machines Bandai Tonka rareMachine Robo Gobots マシンロボ CG Robo Machines Bandai Tonka rare
One tote fit all of my Bandai CG Robo toys perfectly. Was super happy to see that. But when I took my Gobots collection, which I'm sorry to say has been stored for years in old comic long boxes, I had mixed results. The Gobots and Robo Machines that had flatter, less protruding bodies fit well in the slim scrap booking cases I picked up. Any figure that that had a plastic bubble that rose off the card more than an inch and a half did not fit. I was luckily able to protect and store all my Gobots Tank figures, which are the most important to me anyhow. The rest will have to sit in the comic boxes until I find a better solution.
Marvel Hero Mashers Star Wars Transformers トランスフォーマー Hasbro action figures Collectibles G.I.Joe Hasbro Kre-O kreon action figures Collectibles g.i.joe
Seeking out new and more streamlined methods of storing things is great. Just eliminating excess bits maybe works even better. When it comes to certain toy lines, I just don't need the packing any longer. Hasbro's Hero Mashers toys came to mind immediately. I have them all opened anyhow, and the boxes don't really have a need to be saved so I unboxed the whole lot of them and got rid of the packages. The toys take up 1/3 of the space they previously did. Another HUGE space saver was eliminating the boxes for my Kre-O G.I.Joe collection. The package for these toys was an enormous waste of space. The idea that a bigger box, even being lightly filled, would justify a large price tag is not a new marketing ploy. And even though the boxes of these toys are neat, I just don't need them. What took two large totes and a small box to store now all fits into just the same small box. A great savings of space which was quickly taken up by my ever expanding Imaginext collection. A toy line I also recently decided will have all toys removed from packages and stored loose. It just makes more sense.
I also took the time to edit down my book collection. I guess that's the nice way of saying I ripped apart most of my books and kept only the pages I felt were useful. All the rest of the stuff was filtered into a "sell" pile and a "trash" pile. Books take up a giant portion of my space. And the boxed books get heavy as hell to deal with. With a possible move coming next year, this was an easy answer to the issue.

All in all, I understand that throwing things out and destroying books goes against what a lot of collectors believe, but sometimes the methods of collecting we choose are just not sustainable. Whether it be in regards to storing what we buy like I've shown here, or the amounts of money we blow on stuff. Heck, even the time we spend amassing things should be looked at every now and then. Collecting is good on many levels, but can slide into a dangerous place pretty quick. Have fun, stay alert, and happy hunting!

action figures Collectibles g.i.joe Machine Robo Gobots Transformers トランスフォーマー マシンロボ CG Robo

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