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It's Doomsday For Our Imaginext DC Super Friends!!

Imaginext DC Super Friends Doomsday Lex Luthor Hauler dc comics Fisher-Price Superman
Beware! It's Doomsday! Yep, Doomsday has finally made his way into the Imaginext DC Super Friends toy line. In it's not quite connected to but clearly inspired by Batman v. Superman series of toys Fisher-Price has given us their own take on the monster. I have to say, I like it far better than the Doomsday we saw in the movie. But Doomsday isn't the only one of the newer DC releases, Lex Luthor come back out fighting as well.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Doomsday dc comics Fisher-Price SupermanImaginext DC Super Friends Lex Luthor Hauler dc comics Fisher-Price Superman
These toys were not easy for me to find. I just ended up ordering them online. Doomsday is a character folks have been hoping to see in this toy line, but after the Darkseid figure that came out I think they were a bit worried. Everyone's fears were laid to rest though when it was found that Doomsday wouldn't be a normal sized Imaginext figure. He's not even just a larger sized figure like Grodd and Grundy, nope FP went the extra mile and made him an over-sized figure. I love that they keep the containment suit elements to serve as a uniform, because just the bare skin would be a bit boring for this line. He features a "Power Pad" activated punching feature and arm swinging action. He comes with a beam that he holds to swing at Superman. Speaking of Superman, he's here too, and in an exclusive paint scheme. This Superman has red heat beam eyes and a torn battle damaged suit. In a series that sees so many variants on Batman it's pretty awesome to see another variant Superman.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Doomsday dc comics Fisher-Price SupermanImaginext DC Super Friends Lex Luthor Hauler dc comics Fisher-Price Superman
The other new toy here is none other than the Batman v. Superman father of Doomsady, Lex Luthor. This figure of course bears almost no resemblance to what you may have seen in the movie, and maybe for the better? Here we instead get something that would more likely come from Super Powers than anything. The Lex figure is one we've already seen in other sets but does come with a new armor piece. The Hauler is decked out in some nifty anti-Superman weapons, including a Kryptonite missile. There's also a cage with Kryptonite bars to hold Superman if Luthor can ever capture him. The toy is a great deal at the basic vehicle price of $14-$16.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Lex Hauler bonus Superman dc comics Fisher-Price
Another version of the Lex Luthor Hauler now simply called the Lex Hauler has been showing up at Kohl's stores. This release is one of the "Bonus" vehicles and actually comes with a Superman already imprisoned in the Kryptonite cage. Everything else about the toy should be the same as the normal release. Overall the two toy sets are great additions to the DC Super Friends line up and should be easily found online if your local stores are still failing you.

And if I'm going to get into stores failing us, this is what 2 of my nearby Target stores look like now...
Imaginext DC Justice League Target exclusive Green Lantern & Bd'g Super Friends dc comics Fisher-Price
Yes, when it comes to the Target exclusive Justice League series of Imaginext toys, all they have is pegs full of Green Lantern & Bd'g. It's been this ways for 2 months at one store, and slowly found it's way to this point at another over the past few weeks. It's been ages that any Target around me has gotten in a re-stock of the Target exclusive series.People in the Imaginext circles are now wondering if it's the end of the Target exclusives. Hard to say since Target has been bad about stocking most any toy for the last few months. Hopefully we we see as stores begin to raise stock levels for the upcoming holiday season.
This isn't so much about a store failing me, but maybe failing itself. I got all these Imaginext blind bag figures for $1 each. Not even sue they were supposed to be that low, but they were all scanning in as Snowboarder and at $1. I picked up a few I was missing and a couple extra for my nephew, but at that price maybe I should have grabbed some more for custom fodder.
I am also happy to say that I finally got the last of the original monster themed Imaginext figures with the purchase of the Creature toy. Meijer had started selling a small series of the Imaginext blind bag toys on blister cards. While they retail for $2 more than the bagged figures, it's a much better price to pay for the Creature than having to resort to an internet purchase. I also lucked out and grabbed the newest monster/creature figure from the 7th series of blind bags...
It's been a good few weeks for my Imaginext collecting, now if only we'd get word about some future DC Comics releases.

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