Monday, October 3, 2016

Thank You Marshall's For Cheap Marvel Vision & Transformers Swindle!

Transformers Combiner Wars Swindle Hero Mashers Vision cheap Disney hasbro comics marvel アメコミ トランスフォーマー
 I'm definitely playing catch up here, I've been using my time to work on another project and sadly let my blog update material begin to build up. I picked up these 2 items about 3 weeks ago at a Marshall's store.

Marvel Hero Mashers Vision (Clear)
Hero Mashers Vision clear cheap Disney hasbro comics marvel アメコミHero Mashers Vision clear cheap Disney hasbro comics marvel アメコミ
Hero Mashers seem to get a real love/hate response from adult collectors. They're either the worst designed, useless, crap toys ever made and a complete waste of space that could be used for more Marvel Legends...OR they're extremely fun, and should be expanded to every toy property Hasbro has at it's use. While I was never in the first camp, I wasn't in the second camp until I bought a few of these. And I only picked them up after having bought a bunch for my nephew. But boy these are fun toys. I'm sorry to see that they have basically just become discount chain fodder. But because they are showing up at discounters has allowed me to finally get a Vision figure, and the very cool clear version to boot.

I've wanted a Vision Hero Masher for awhile. I'm kind of choosy when it comes to which Mashers I buy so when I saw that Vision would be included in a gift set with a bunch of Avengers guys I didn't want I was a bit let down. The gift set Vision was the normal opaque colored figure, and pretty cool looking. I just didn't want to lay down $50 for it. Word then came of a single pack Vision being released, and in a very striking and dare I say beautiful clear translucent colored plastic. I added that to my want list immediately. I had never seen this particular figure in the store before finding this one, but I did have a chance to pick him up online and failed to do so. Hasbrotoyshop listed the figure for a brief time before it went to out of stock status and ultimately removed from the site. I recall seeing it on the site and thinking "Oh man, it's there! I need to get it!" and pausing, only to go back a few weeks later to see it was sold out. There was Ebay too, but wasn't going to pay $20+for it.

So my poor timing didn't hurt me much as I got the Vision finally for $6. In hand the toy is even more cool than the promo pics had alluded to. If you have a Marshall's or TJ Maxx bear you it's worth checking them out. They have also been stocking some of the other later,harder to find guys like Thanos and the clear purple War Machine.

 Transformers Combiner Wars Swindle
Transformers Combiner Wars Swindle cheap トランスフォーマーTransformers Combiner Wars Swindle cheap トランスフォーマー
I've had this toy in hand at a store so many times. My feelings on the whole Combiner Wars toy line are really mixed. I didn't end up buying much of it, just a few toys really. Swindle was one of the guys I kept going back and forth on. My issue wasn't that I didn't think the toy was cool, I knew it was. I didn't have anything against Swindle, in fact the opposite, I think he's a great character and the Combaticons in general are one of my favorite sub-teams in Transformers. The thing that kept getting me to put Swindle pack on the peg at stores was that I already bought Hound, the toy Swindle shares a design/mold base with. I couldn't bring myself to bu what is so closely a duplicate $16 figure.

I buy extras of things all the time, I don't know what my hang up was here, but it was strong enough to keep my from buying Swindle for months. When I found him at Marshall's for $9.99 it was an easy buy. Yes it's just $6 less, but still $6 that I think anyone can agree on it a good savings. What I can't see many agreeing on is that I almost picked up a duplicate Hound at the same time which would negate everything I was trying to do when passing on Swindle for all those months. Luckily I came to my senses and only got the one toy. Although the Vortex did briefly sit in hand as a possible purchase before I realized that would lead to another $45-$55 in purchases for sure.
Transformers Kre-O Combiner Wars Swindle Kreon LEGO cheap トランスフォーマー
My Buddy and me....

Disney hasbro comics marvel Transformers アメコミ トランスフォーマー

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