Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In With The Old! Catching Up On 2016 Imaginext DC Super Friends & Power Rangers

As retailers continue to weed out items that may have been slow to sell last year or discontinued completely, I'm finding some good deals on things that I need to fill holes in my collection. There a few things I missed last year because of either price, size, or store exclusivity. Honestly, at some point these giant Imaginext play sets are not going to have anywhere to go in my apartment. My wife may say we reached that point 2 years ago. But I definitely like some of these sets a lot, and I am willing to forgo some other collectibles in lie of new Imaginext.

DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City
Imaginext DC Super Friends DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City Batman Superman
This is one of those sets that hits me in 2 places, it's size and it's price point. With a normal retail tag of about $80 it's easily the most expensive Imaginext DC item put out. The set is essentially 2 smaller sets combined into one package with the inclusion of the flight arm helicopter mechanism that allows figures to "fly" throw the air. One set is a Batman Gotham City themed building with a Wayne Foundation section, a Gothic designed cathedral of sorts and what appears to be a Joker inspired factory addition. There's a light up Bat symbol in the center along with other level activated gimmicks. The second building in the set shows of Metropolis, Superman's base of operation. We finally get a Daily Planet, or at least partly. There's a Lex Corp. like section next door to the Planet, and lastly something that kinda reminds me of an off color Hall of Justice? The Metropolis section of this play set is the weaker of the two. I guess that makes sense that the Gotham City half was actually packaged for single release in the U.K. as well in the Flight City set.

I was having some fun with the set without even taking it out of the box. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will get this and all the rest of these stuff here removed from their cardboard prisons.

Streets of Gotham's Gotham City Tower
Imaginext DC Super Friends Streets of Gotham's Gotham City TowerImaginext DC Super Friends Batman Streets of Gotham's Gotham City Tower
This Walmart exclusive was everywhere before Thanksgiving and then nowhere after Christmas. My local store only just re-stock last week. I hate going to Walmart, so being forced to go their for exclusive product drives me nuts. But I like this toy, a lot. It's just a re-color of a previous Imaginext Firehouse set, but it's works great as a in city limits hideout for Batman. You get an exclusive Batman figure and a re-colored Batcycle all for $30. There's still one last Streets of Gotham toy I need to track down and then I can happily be done with having to visit Walmart stores to fill my Imaginext collection. Until Fisher-Price tempts me again with exclusives at that store.

DC Super Friends Batman Mech & the Joker Jet
Imaginext DC Super Friends DC Super Friends Batman Mech & the Joker Jet
Okay...since we're on the subject of Walmart exclusives sill, there's this. Both of these toys were originally part of Target's exclusive Justice League Imaginext line. The Batman Mech was Cyborg's Mech, and the Joker Jet was a Green lantern plane. I happen to prefer both as they are in this 2 pack over the Target versions. The Batman Mech looks taken right out of The Dark Knight Rises movie, and the jet is just more fitting Joker's weird personality than as a GL vehicle. The only weird thing about this set if the Joker figure included. The website sales pics show the same Joker that is included with the Imaginext Transforming Batcave set being included here. Instead of that figure the re-sculpted Joker painted in colors similar to the Batcave Joker is included. Factory mix-up? Last second change? Not sure, but it makes for an odd alternate Joker.

Power Rangers Dragonzord R/C
2016 Imaginext Power Rangers Power Rangers Dragonzord R/C Green Ranger
Switching it up with a little Power Rangers flavor. This was an impulse buy. I've kinda moved on from the Imaginext Power Rangers line. I'm not saying I never wanted this, I did. I'm just out of space for anything other than DC stuff going forward. I thought. Just look at the reviews for this thing, it looks like a lot of fun. I'm still super excited to pick up the new Imaginext Power Rangers Tigerzord when it hits because it's from one of my favorite Sentai shows DaiRanger, but that's about where my PR Imaginexting will absolutely have to come to an end. Unless they head back and do Go Ranger, Battle Fever J and Dynaman. Which I doubt.

What got me to finally buy the Dragonzord is the price. You can see the clearance tag in the photo with a price of $50. I paid half that thanks to a sale this past week at Meijer that gave an extra 50% off all clearance toys. At $25 I can find some extra space somewhere in this apartment.

DC Super Friends Hall of Doom
2016 Imaginext DC Super Friends DC Super Friends Hall of Doom
This is something I bought right as it came out. I'm only showing this one here because it's an extra I bought during the same Meijer sale I mentioned above. The cost of this was just $11, too cheap to pass on even if I already have it.

A lot of Imaginext collectors hated this toy. Many folks said it was too small, it's design was too deformed and misshapen, it just wasn't the Hall Of Doom! I wasn't one of those collectors. I love this thing! To finally get a Hall of Doom toy after so many years, I was ecstatic. And it compliments the Hall of Justice Imaginext release so well. But then again, some folks hated that toy too.

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