Monday, March 20, 2017

February...March...2014...2015...2016...Cleaning Is Hard! I'll Do It In 2017.

This is how February started for me. It was cold, it was snowy. This particular day we actually had some sun, which was the case for most of the days leading up to and following it. Aside from work and grabbing food, I didn't want to go out. I barely even toy shopped, instead I checked store counts online. It was the perfect chance to get back to organizing my stuff. Something I have been working on quite literally for years now. So of course, this happened and that happened and I spent hours watching this show, and those movies. I discovered new treats...
..and then February was gone. I wasted a whole month, and one that I usually don't work a lot of hours at my job. February, March and even half of January are great for me getting projects done because I have more free time. But so many other odd things sprang up like helping my parents, birthdays, power outages, net outages, cleaning up my collection just got pushed to the side. So we move onto March.
This is how March started for me. It was cold, it was snowy. So again, I'm not going outside unless I have to. Unlike last month where I blew off my collection, I actually jumped into doing some clean up. It's been super, s-u-p-e-r slow going, because I tend to linger on boxes of stuff I haven't had out of storage in awhile. Then I want to take pics, or pose things, display them a few days. Collector stuff. But I see this as good, I'm at least getting something done. Part of the big "needs to get done" list is deciding what I can let go of. I keep saying it here, in social media posts, on forums...I'm running out of space!
Machine Robo マシンロボ Popy Bandai 1984 1982 Gobots Japanese Robots Starriors Tomy R.A.T.S. Japanese
タカラ Transformers  Mini-Spies トランスフォーマー
Machine Robo, Starriors and Mini-Spies. Got a lot, used to have a lot more. For Starriors I am already trying to let loose some of my extras, but nobody seems to want them at the prices I paid. I won't sell at a loss, so for now I will just wait it out. I trimmed my Machine Robo and Gobots collection down to bare bones 10 years ago, so that's pretty much set. I wouldn't expect to get rid of any more of those in the near future. But my Transformers Mini-Spies and Takara versions could stand to be thinned out a little. Having every color, faction and wheel spoke variant doesn't seem as important now. At least not like it did 20 years ago.
Euro Tiger Force MOSC G.I.ジョー G.I.joe Takara タカラ 1984 action figuresCobra Commander G.I.ジョー G.I.joe Takara タカラ 1984 action figures
G.I.ジョー G.I.joe Takara タカラ 1984 action figures
G.I.Joe reduced to a mere pile. Aside from my Terror Drome, Kre-O collection and another couple small boxes of Cobra Commander stuff, this pic above is what's left of my G.I.Joe collection. My 25th/ME set almost completely sold away, Tiger Force rarities auctioned off, and various bits picked up by other collectors in the last 5 years. I wont get into the why of selling it all off, but things just became less fun around 2011. It still isn't fun, so I'll be dropping some more stuff soon.
Imaginext Batman バットマン DC ComicsImaginext Batman バットマン DC ComicsImaginext Batman バットマン DC Comics
Imaginext is taking over. In a big way. I keep telling myself I need to stop being a MIB and loose collector for this line. I can't keep a set of boxed things and also pick up another set to open. Imaginext takes up half my toy storage space right now,a nd it will only grow with more and more new releases coming. I can cut space usage by at least 25-35% by throwing out all the boxes. But that isn't easy to come to grip with. For right now I have to think about getting rid of all the doubles and triples you see in the pic directly above. Keeping all these extras is hurting my ability to add new unique items.

 So that's about where I'm at. Nowhere near the finish line, but a hell of a lot closer than I have been in the last few years. Going forward I have to do a much, much better job at keeping things organized and inventoried. It's sad when you open a box and see a toy you just bought because you forgot you already owned it.

1984 action figures G.I.ジョー g.i.joe Gobots imaginext Japanese Robots Machine Robo Starriors batman Transformers トランスフォーマー バットマン マシンロボ タカラ

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Art Of Advertising Vol.1 Is Back In Print! (edit 9-30-17: No longer available!!)

Art Of Advertising Vol.1:The 70's, 80's & 90's is now back in print and ready to order! It is being released in a anew "Standard Edition" and at a cheaper cost! It's got the same amount of content as before, but with a 38% reduction is book price.
A "lightly critiqued" visual analysis on 25 years of Japanese toys ads. This 174 page full color books contains 165 toy ads from over 20 different companies. Ads feature some of the greatest toy brands to come out of Japan, Microman, the Sentai series, Ultraman, Transformers and so many more.

<No Longer Available>

 Notes about ordering:
This is a print on demand book that will be made once ordered.

Shipping will be determined by location, and the book will ship directly from the printer. The shipping costs differ drastically from location to location. For those interested but living outside the United States, please check shipping costs prior to finalizing your order, in some extreme cases the shipping may cost more than the actual book. Here are some rough estimates (the lowest price being the slowest, the highest being priority or express mailing): Canada $9-$29, United Kingdom $9-$25, France $12-$33, Denmark $12-$33, Japan $35-$38, Italy $12-$33 and Hong Kong $35-$38.

One last important thing, printing errors do sometimes occur. If you have any issues related to the printing of a book, like a blank page or missing pages, please contact the printer and they will help you.