Sunday, March 19, 2017

Art Of Advertising Vol.1 Is Back In Print! (edit 9-30-17: No longer available!!)

Art Of Advertising Vol.1:The 70's, 80's & 90's is now back in print and ready to order! It is being released in a anew "Standard Edition" and at a cheaper cost! It's got the same amount of content as before, but with a 38% reduction is book price.
A "lightly critiqued" visual analysis on 25 years of Japanese toys ads. This 174 page full color books contains 165 toy ads from over 20 different companies. Ads feature some of the greatest toy brands to come out of Japan, Microman, the Sentai series, Ultraman, Transformers and so many more.

<No Longer Available>

 Notes about ordering:
This is a print on demand book that will be made once ordered.

Shipping will be determined by location, and the book will ship directly from the printer. The shipping costs differ drastically from location to location. For those interested but living outside the United States, please check shipping costs prior to finalizing your order, in some extreme cases the shipping may cost more than the actual book. Here are some rough estimates (the lowest price being the slowest, the highest being priority or express mailing): Canada $9-$29, United Kingdom $9-$25, France $12-$33, Denmark $12-$33, Japan $35-$38, Italy $12-$33 and Hong Kong $35-$38.

One last important thing, printing errors do sometimes occur. If you have any issues related to the printing of a book, like a blank page or missing pages, please contact the printer and they will help you.


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