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Love What You Collect, Or Just Let It Go. (Imaginext Transformers LEGO)

Hasbro Transformers トランスフォーマー タカラ トランスフォーマー レジェンズ ヘッドマスターズ
I'm not sure which issue came about first a lack of money, lack of space or my lack of or waning interest in a particular toy line. Or was it like my immense and pretty sustained interest and promoting of Imaginext, killed by the very company that puts it out. More on that in a bit. Maybe in my 40's now, my view as a collector is just drastically different than when I was in my early 20's. Suppose I can't count out a mix of all of the reasons above.
LEGO mini figures blind bags super heroes action figures Batman movie バットマンLEGO mini figures Wonder Woman blind bags super heroes action figures Batman movie バットマン
LEGO mini figures blind bags Star Wars action figures movie
I've noticed that lately a lot of things I buy go unopened. I'm happy to have them, but that spark of excitement to run home and rip them out of their plastic or cardboard prisons just isn't there. For every 5 toys I buy, maybe 1 gets opened right away. In terms of something like LEGO, I'd never have been this way in the past. Loved splitting open the packages and building whatever I got, a full set or just a mystery pack MiniFigures. I still have Batman Lego Movie mini figures in a  box from early Spring I haven't opened up yet. That's a bit sad. I had picked up a few LEGO Dimensions sets early on and loved them. Built them as soon as I got home, and I don't even have the game systems they work with. Later on when I found Wonder Woman, and got the A-Team B.A. sets they sat in boxes and remain unopened. I did come about to a realization in July that if I'm not opening these up, maybe I shouldn't buy them. I was able to stick to this with the larger sets and pass on them (like the Star Wars Bounty Hunters set I got for my brother above), but continued to buy MiniFigures Series toys.
Hasbro Transformers Hot Rod Targetmaster Gnaw トランスフォーマー タカラ トランスフォーマー レジェンズ ヘッドマスターズHasbro Transformers Gnaw Sharktron トランスフォーマー タカラ トランスフォーマー レジェンズ ヘッドマスターズ
Hasbro Transformers wave 4 5 Orion Pax トランスフォーマー タカラ トランスフォーマー レジェンズ ヘッドマスターズ
Right now the bulk of my hobby funds go to Transformers Titans Return and Transformers legends toys. But my current habits of smothering love or total neglect linger here as well. There's no rhyme or reason to what gets opened or left closed. I opened my latest Transformers Legends Target Master toys immediately. Wave 4 Titans Return Titan Masters barely made it home without being popped out of the package, but I've left the much more expensive Titans Return Siege on Cybertron set boxed up so far. The Tribute Orion Pax got opened right away, was supper happy to have him. But my Hasbrotoyshop Arcee and Grotesque have both sat, even though I feel about the same for them excitement-wise. A bit bewildering.
Imaginext Batman Harley Quinn super heroes バットマン action figures Imaginext Power Rangers Sentai super heroes action figures
Ah...Imaginext. This is where my loss of excitement and interest is more clear. And where I can see a direct link to that loss comes from. While I am excited about some of the future releases that might come out in the Imaginext line I haven't been quick to promote them. I actually haven't promoted them at all. Fisher-Price has been back to their old games of listings things as coming, cancelling them, and then re-packing them in other ways. This is not what got me down about collecting Imaginext. What killed it for me was a month long issue with Fisher-Price's customer service department after an order with them went really bad quick. After praising FP's customer service about an issue last year, I found myself just really despising them during this ordeal. And after a month of fighting with various people in the CS department I finally got sick of it. The fun and excitement of the toy line was soured by the very folks who put it out. I recently bought a few of the new blind bag toys and just ended up selling them off instead of keeping them.
Imaginext Batman Power Rangers He-Man super heroes バットマン action figures
I think the damage is done. I don't like people dicking me around and Fisher-Price was seriously in the wrong and wouldn't accept fault. A few weeks ago I sorted out my entire Imaginext collection and set aside about 25% as stuff I might keep, and the other 75% destined for sale. Before this a handful of things had already been put up on auction, but that was just extras and duplicates. Now I'm selling my core collection items, and it may be hard.
Imaginext Micronauts タカラ ミクロマン Microman action figuresImaginext Micronauts タカラ ミクロマン Microman action figures
Imaginext Micronauts タカラ ミクロマン Microman action figures
I know in some respects it should be all or nothing. I don't know that I can do that right now. For instance the Imaginext Power Rangers series has recently done the whole hero team in translucent plastics. Love the look of them, very Microman and Micronauts feeling. So keep the few I have, but the others and sell all the older stuff? Or just drop the whole lot, and be happy with the actual Microman Imaginext customs I made myself. That's what I'll be thinking about this weekend as I start to take pics of all this stuff to sell and trade off. Because if it doesn't make me happy or brings about ill feelings just from the sight of it I can't have it around right now.
So as a collector talking to other collectors all I can say is you gotta buy what makes you happy. Not what you think you need, or have to get just to have a complete set. I've gotten more joy out of this Care Bears set of figures that cost me just $2.49 then about $100 worth of Imaginext purchased earlier in the year that I thought "I had to have in my collection" and now know I don't. Collecting is an ever evolving process of determining what is and what is not vital to not only your collection but your life in general.

action figures batman hasbro imaginext LEGO super heroes Transformers トランスフォーマー バットマン タカラ ミクロマン Microman

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