Sunday, October 1, 2017

Once More With Feeling...Or Whatever Comes Close! [GS News Diaclone Football]

So GanguStars is renewed for another year. I really wasn't sure it would happen, I waited til the very last hour before the domain expired to decide whether I was going to continue or not. As it stands so far, 2017 has been my least productive year since I started the blog. I think it's a mix of things, but I can't go for months at a time with no updates and hope readership to expand. Things are kind of stagnant, in the numbers of people visiting the blog, as well as the subject matter and content. If I am going to let GanguStars end in a year, I may as well get crazy. Well, in a sense.
Henshin Cyborg Takara タカラ 変身サイボーグ Detroit Lions
It's that time of year now where my Sundays are filled with football, and not much else. I will also be spending each Saturday until about the 3rd week of December watching over my parents place. So weekends will be filled with cutting grass, raking leaves, shoveling snow, and sitting on my ass drinking pop or later on, cider. With as much time as was spent on setting up the GanguStars Swap site to see it utterly fail made me re-think things. There's so much content online already, I don't see my view of things really making any difference being here or not. And seriously, blogs have been dying out anyway. I've really wondered if I should move to video chats, or a YouTube channel instead of the blog format.
Transformers Titans Return Titan Masters Sawback Lione リオーネ サイバトロンマスター戦士 トランスフォーマー レジェンズ ヘッドマスターズ Hasbro TakaraTransformers Titans Return wave 5 トランスフォーマー レジェンズ ヘッドマスターズ Hasbro Takara
Part of the general focus of the blog the last year has been the Transformers Titan Returns line, and it's very sadly coming to it's end. There's still a few months of Takara's Legends releases scheduled, but I can't be sure I'll get them all, and even if I do there's no point in blogging about it. I've also decided to stop collecting Imaginext as a whole, and only do specific bits, but I'll get into that later. With the two largest sources of material on this blog dropping, I'll see if other avenues are still open.
Starriors prototypes GanguStars Projects Japanese Robots Tomy RATSDiaclone prototypes GanguStars Projects Japanese Robots タカラ ダイアクロン
They say "Go Out With A Bang!" and that's maybe just what I'll do. My next project is coming along slowly. It'll be Diaclone based. A follow up Diaclone project will likely be scrapped due to poor quality source materials. I just don't have the collection I had 10-15 years ago. So I'll probably fall back on something related to Starriors, Machine Robo G.I.Joe or Robolinks. I have also tossed around th idea of compilation works, it's something I can handle in chunks and won't get stressed about large projects. No matter what, there's at least one major thing to come from GanguStars. Everything else is still undecided.
Popy Mattel Shogun Warriors Mazinger ポピー マジンガー ジャンボーマシンダー
There's also the question of what to do with large parts of my collection, space is so much a factor right now, and getting worse and worse. I'm actually feeling boxed in by my own collection and I don't like it. Stuff has to go, and go quicker than it has been. Time will tell, and time is slipping away.

Diaclone GanguStars Projects Japanese Robots Henshin Cyborg prototypes Takara タカラ ダイアクロン 変身サイボーグ

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